Gymin’ it with Classified Fitness Sunderland

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So I’ve finally recovered from The Great North Run, last week was spent easing off my legs at Spinning, resting plus lots of eating to obviously just get my energy back up… you know *winky face*. After weekend of boozing and eating in Amsterdam I knew it was time to get my bum back in gear and get back on the health bandwagon, my motivation was back.

I was invited down to Classified Fitness this week by the lovely Sean. Classified Fitness is a new boutique fitness gym smack bang in the middle of an upping coming area of Sunderland City Centre, in fact it’s probably the most talked about part of the town right now since we’ve had our first clean deli in the city next door to the gym, an ideal location for people who work in the surrounding areas. Sean is the guy who owns the place, he’s managed to set the gym up (with a little helping hand from his family and fiance) all by him self a great achievement for him (Well done Sean)! The place is huge, about four floors to be exact. Ground floor being the reception, a little waiting area, supplement tuck shop and exercise space. Basement, main gym room with weights then another room being the boxing studio. First floor, spinning room and second floor, currently being renovated into another exercise space.  So yeah huge.

When I arrived on Monday I was welcomed in with open arms by staff aka Sean’s Dad. He kindly showed me round the building explaining their vision of what the space will be eventually once the last bit of work has been done and also showed me the completed areas. I then met Sean, who teaches all the classes him self along with personal training sessions (he must live on rocket fuel) I’m knackered after a few hours a week never mind all day every day! Again I was made to feel comfortable straight away, I know some people find it quite daunting going to the gym and taking part in exercise classes but everyone even the regulars at Classified really made me feel like I was apart of their team immediately which I feel is a vital aspect to your gym ‘journey’ because it’s almost like a social gathering/event every time you visit a gym, you make friends, encourage each other. So anyway yes, the atmosphere in the place had me sold within 10 minutes of being there, I felt excited to start my first class.


Monday’s classes were ‘Get on your bike’ starting at 6pm and ‘Power Step ‘ starting at 6:45pm, both half an hour each. ‘Get on your bike’ in other words spinning, was great and definitely something a bit different to what I was used to as Sean made us get off the bike to do a few lunges, squats weights a bit of arms, you know mixing it up! I was a bit apprehensive about step, as I’ve done it before and I was TERRIBLE at it plus I had visions of it being full of OAPs (no offence) because at the last gym I done it the class was full of wannabe dancers and I just couldn’t keep up however Sean keeps his numbers within a classes to a minimum and refuses to teach large numbers as he feels it’s a better session and a lot more personal which I agree, packed classes scare me off. Thankfully I managed to keep up with ‘Power Step’ and didn’t feel like I was doing a dance class, I really enjoyed it and the next day my calves were aching!!! So it worked ha.


Tuesdays classes were ‘Smash it up’ and ‘Fatburn’, same times again. ‘Smash it up’ was boxing, I love boxing! My arms are probably the part of my body I like the least, I see them as being a bit chunky so when I do boxing it feels like I’m really giving them a good work out for once. I’ve never actually done boxing on a proper boxing bag so I was super excited to give it ago and see the difference, it’s a lot harder than I’d imagined but great fun. ‘Fatburn’ was described to me as worse version of boot camp, I didn’t think you could get a worse class until I tried this haha! It’s basically made up of movements from the bottom of your body to the top so for example you’ll do shoulders than legs which is actually what we did, the two arm movements were kettlebells swings then push ups and the legs moments were dead lifts and clean & presses. I’d say this was my favourite class of the week! The next day I was honestly aching everywhere.



Wednesday classes were ‘Power Step’ and ‘Boot Off’ again same times. ‘Power Step’ was a little trickier this time around, my co-ordination is soooo bad however I was encouraged by my fellow class mates and helped my Sean meaning I got the hand of it in the end. ‘Boot Off’ is basically bootcamp, lots of weights and lots of pushing yourself to lift the heaviest you can handle. We did shoulders and arms using the main weight machine, bars and dumbbells this class is a great way to learn new techniques and learn how each movement helps each muscle.




I really really enjoyed all of the classes I took part in at Classified, Sean is very thorough teacher and makes sure everyone knows what they need to do and how to do it. His famous line every class is, “If you not smiling, another 10 seconds will be added to the exercise” I was caught a few times in pain and was given the punishment *crys*. The gym it self is kitted out with all of the latest equipment and complimented with jazzy lights in the spinning room and in the boxing studio. The basement where the weights are really reminds me of an old school American gym, its quite dark like something out of a film or music video ha! The class timetable is catered for everyone really, people who are able to attend morning, afternoon, plus a range of classes on a night time which was ideal for me. They have two main types of membership at Classified Fitness, Block Bookings and Monthly Passes. Both are designed to give you the best value for money possible and it is up to you which you feel suits your needs best so no nasty contracts!!

I can’t fault my experience at the gym, everything was superb and I’ll definitely be back. You leave the place feeling ecstatic: 1. because you’ve just done a great work out 2. because of the friendly atmosphere. Check out there site here, Facebook here & Instagram here.


*This was a complimentary visit to Classified Fitness but all opinions and views are my own.



  • Jake Holyoak September 23, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Great piece Alice – love it!

    The Gym looks amazing, I might check it out myself with it being in my hometown of Sunlin.

    Keep it up!

    • Alice September 23, 2016 at 11:56 am

      Thanks Jake, definitely worth a look round!

  • Richard Dennis September 23, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    Sounds awesome, if I could be arsed to go to the gym it would be this one!

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