Great North Run 2016

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So yesterday I took part 36th Great North Run! It was my second year running the marathon and I am so proud to say that I was a part of it. What a day!

Last year after shedding some weight and becoming fit I decided to take on the challenge and have something to work towards and it really is something to work for. Last year I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know how my body would cope with the pressure, whether I’d be able to push myself mentally or anything so I just trained as much as I could and it all paid off! Surprisingly I managed to do it last year in 2 hours 8 minutes… I was so impressed with myself. After the run I remember the thrill, the overwhelmed feeling of success and the buzz but also the tiredness and the aches. I umm’d and arrrr’d about doing it all year, especially since in February I had a breast enlargement and was worried my Mitchell brothers would hurt but in May I decided…decided to do it again!

So that was it, I signed up with MS Society, a charity which is very close to home as my Mam’s best friend suffers from the disease. For anyone that doesn’t know MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis, a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. My target was £300 and I smashed it last month, even exceeding it raising an overall total of £380 (special thank you to all those who donated).


Leading up to the run, I didn’t train as much as I had last year god knows why I was so relaxed (head was defiantly up my a***) although I did do my fair share of runs and continued gyming it. I rested all last week and done my last run the Sunday before knocking out 10 miles in 1 hour 45, so the hard work was done and it was time to carb up… now we’re talking. The night before I had a three course Italians, potato skins, pizza, brownie, you know just getting my energy levels ready *pig face emoji* haha. On the morning I indulged on more bread with lots of Lurpack obvs!!

Yesterday morning I was bricking it, I was in a decent zone too this year so felt I really did need to give it my all having a head start. I got the metro through to the start and even on the metro the atmosphere was buzzing, I instantly remembered why I was doing this…the excitement was kicking in already. Within half an hour I was there, in my zone waiting to start. The adrenaline had started when the music and warm up had started within what felt like a blink of an eye I was off. My first mile was a breeze, I must have been sprinting because I’d done it in 7 minutes, the fastest I’d ever ran in my life haha! By mile 2 I was paggered and reminded myself to slow down. And the rest is history, it honestly feels like it went over so fast looking back now. My favourite part of the day was seeing my family waving and cheering my name on the last mile. I only stopped twice through the run, one for the toilet and one because my hands had started to swell meaning my body was starting to struggle under the pressure so that’s what I’m blaming the 5 minutes slower time than last years… 2 hours 13 minutes. I am honestly over the moon with my time considering my operation and my lack of training compared to last year’s training.

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I had a great day, there is no better natural high than taking part in the Great North Run. I can’t even describe the feeling, it’s like happiness mixed with being in a total daze. Anyone considering doing the Great North Run or any other organised marathon, do it. It is such a lovely moment/s being together with other runners for such a variation of good causes and charities. It is a coming together of people supporting one another as you are all there for the same reason to finish the 13.1 miles, which I feel is really rare these days.

Thank you to the unsung hero’s that organised the event, along with all sponsors and medics.


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