Good News: We’re Finally Winning The War Against Headaches

If you’ve lived with regular headaches for any significant period of time, you’ll know just how debilitating they can be. Weeks and months can go by with daily headaches that seem like they’re never going to end.Fortunately, science has moved on a lot over the last couple of decades and researchers are discovering all sorts of ways to fight back against chronic headaches and improve people’s lives.

The causes of headaches are many. They can be caused by allergies, stress, hormones, migraines and alcohol. And so now researchers are building up a rich tapestry of dos and don’ts. Here’s how to win the war against headaches.

Drink Ginger Tea


For thousands of years, people have been using ginger to remedy all sorts of ailments. But it’s only recently that scientists have discovered why the plant is so effective. It turns out that it comes from the same family of rhizomes as turmeric – a food famous for its beneficial anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, if there’s something in your diet (like wheat perhaps), that’s causing inflammation, drinking ginger tea might actually help. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can keep headaches caused by inflammation at bay.

Get A Neck Massage

One reason why people visit their local chiropractor is to remedy headaches caused by muscles in their neck. Often it’s not pressure inside the skull causing your pain, but sore muscles lower down that can give the sensation of a headache. Professionals are usually able to manipulate the area to prevent pain from recurring.

Eat Spicy Food

When you’ve got a headache, spicy food is usually the last thing that you want to eat. But studies have shown that the active ingredient in things like cayenne pepper and chili flakes can help to relieve headaches. Spicy food helps to open up the airways and blood vessels which could be what dissipates headaches.

Lie Down In The Dark

When your head is pounding, the last thing that you want to do it keep staring at a computer screen, doing your work. But people who suffer from chronic headaches often feel as if they should just power through, no matter how much pain they’re in. It turns out that many people are able to get rid of their headaches by lying down for ten minutes in a darkened room. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but it’s much better than spending all day in pain and will help improve your productivity.

Wake Up And Smell The Lavender

Lavender has been showing up in health journals all over the place, thanks to its antidepressant properties. But the smell of lavender has also been shown recently to help eliminate headaches. Many chronic headache sufferers say that sniffing lavender essential oils relieves their headaches and helps them to get on with their day.

Put A Wet Towel On Your Neck

The cause of many headaches, as discussed, doesn’t necessarily have to originate in the head. Sometimes, headaches can emanate from the neck. Next time you get a headache, try applying a moist, warm towel to the area to soothe your neck muscles.


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