Getting Fit At Any Age: 3 Top Tips To Help You Get Started


Everyone understands that living a fit and healthy life is preferable to living its opposite. It will help your body, mind, and spirit function better on a day to day schedule. It will help you overcome the worst of self-doubt and fatigue that approaching the challenge of daily life can sometimes give you. It will also allow you to extend your lifespan, and who wouldn’t want that?

No matter how old you are, you can benefit from exercise, with the exception of small children who need plenty of rest and burn out their energy naturally in the first place. Many people feel as though when they reach a certain age they are ‘all done,’ and that any effort in the direction of exercise is wasted energy, or even contrary to the beneficial nature of what would work for them. Many people simply wish to avoid injuries. The following exercises will be suitable for any age, because they can be tailored to your specific circumstances regarding intensity, ease of tuition, and general regularity of training.


Zumba, a beautiful balance of salsa and fitness exercise, is a massively popular exercise class that originated in Colombia but has taken over the world. Zumba not only helps you get fit with safety and flexibility as its primary goals, but it can be tailored for the young and old alike, and what’s more, it is intrinsically entertaining. In fact, the session will be over before you know it, and how many people feel that way towards their exercise regime? Embarking on a Zumba fitness class with a qualified professional aware of your capabilities can be an exercise in utmost fitness safety because the intensity of learning new moves is not limited in time frame or amount. Zumba will give you the keys back to your own body, as well as helping you celebrate all that is good about life through the celebratory medium of dance.

Water Aerobics

Swimming exercise classes are just as popular as the land-based equivalents, but the water can make it much more friendly for beginners, thanks to its dense property acting as a suspender between you and the ground. It will allow you to balance much more easily when trying to exercise with hard to reach positions, as well as lessening the difficult impact of hitting the floor with some force. This is especially helpful for those with weak joints, as the water will almost act as a safety suspension suit.

Not only that, but swimming and keeping your balance is a great way to become more comfortable achieving movements that you would never attempt in your daily, regular life. For this reason, it is intrinsically beneficial and very fun to boot.

Strength Lifting

You may feel as though this is a mistaken entry on this list as if the title of this post has been forgotten in favor of personal fitness biases. Fortunately, this is not the case. A well executed and properly instructed strength lifting regimen can help people regain the strength and flexibility necessary to become more comfortable moving in their day to day requirements. From young ages, barbell strength lifts such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses should be taught with VERY LOW weights with the emphasis on safety, fun, and regular training habits. However, even eighty-year-old women who believe themselves to be ‘all washed up,’ have managed to be progressively and slowly trained correctly in squatting loads 1.5x their bodyweight. This is because barbell training is a perfectly ergonomic expression of the human anatomy under a load, and implements zero ‘shear’ force that many people are worried about experiencing. For best results, we would recommend the Starting Strength lifting program and finding someone who is educated in its nuances to help you train.

These tips will help you become a fitter, and frankly better individual, no matter your age. You should be proud of yourself for even trying.

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