Getting Fit And Changing Up Old Habits

Taking time to stay slow paced and relaxed on your holiday is vital. We’re all yearning to escape reality and take some precious me-time. In day to day life, you may try desperately to adopt a no-rush, calm and serene lifestyle. What are the best ways to stay fit day to day and what activities and holidays can work well for this healthier lifestyle?

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Companies such as Inntravel, may offer options for the ‘slow holiday people’ and traveling is always a brilliant way to learn about new cultures and broaden your horizons, which assist in everyday life and you can easily adapt this to your career and lifestyle. Here are some ways you can create some simple tips to create a happy, healthy and active New Year well in advance. Here are some top tips to sticking to a healthy resolution:

1. Buy A Planner – get a planner/diary for the next year and begin to work out when you could travel, penciling in dates for your adventures. It’s always good to have a diary on you, and preferably one that allows you to make lists. Take each month as it comes; think about the days you can set aside to either travel, get active, because exercise is vital, socialise or take days to be creative and healthy. 

2. Save Up In Advance – Put a little bit of money towards your adventure as early as possible, for example right now. Ask for money for Christmas instead of gifts and put it into a travel pot. Take a little browse some walking holidays for some inspirations on locations for the perfect walking holiday. Anyone who has been to Spain before will know it’s a perfect place to spend some slow quality time with friends and family, whilst breathing in that clear air! Another great idea is to incorporate swimming too. Get some swimming lessons and start to enjoy the beauty of swimming in the sea or in the pool. It’s great for your joints too.

3. Buy Some Active Wear – This will make you feel immediately more in the zone with being active and feeling ready to be at one with nature. Comfortable yoga pants or riding pants – another great thing to add to your list, and once you’re dressed for the occasion, you’re going to feel much more in the mood for travel. A nice warm coat is always a must, preferably with a hood as winter is often chilly and it’s good to be snug and prepared! Get out to some classes, such as yoga or pilates or anything of choice even if it is a cycling class or even start walking to work. Try and incorporate twenty minutes a day of exercise to avoid getting unfit and you’ll immediately start to feel healthier and full of energy. Get out more, socialise more and be active in general, that will make the new decade feel good to you and as if you can achieve anything…because you can! 

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