From The Office To The Gym: Easy Motivational Tips

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If you think you are alone in the whole, “I can’t be bothered to go the gym,” movement that is sweeping the nation, well, you aren’t. It’s totally normal to finish your eight-hour working day (of course, by eight hours we mean ten and a half) and feel completely unmotivated to do anything but get home ASAP, curl up in front of Orange Is The New Black and then curse yourself for being lazy. Seriously. This. Is. Normal.

Don’t worry, though, all hope has not been quashed because we have scoured the internet for the bestest and easiest motivational tips to get your butt from the office chair to the rowing machine. Sorry excuses, but you’re out of there.

The Inspirational Office Decor

You have probably decorated your desk with bits and bobs that are cute, quaint and stress-busting, so why not change these to motivate your gym needs. It could be words of motivation, or it could be images of that Insta model you have a total girl crush on. Either way, set up a constant reminder of why you need the gym in your life.

Get Dressed Before You Leave

Before you rush out of the office cheering that another day is over, rush to the office bathroom and get changed into your exercise gear, or rush to your locker where you have stashed all of your women’s lifting shirts, and get changed. By doing this, you’re making yourself more accountable to, well, yourself. You’re ready to workout, so you’re gonna workout.

When You Lunch, Lunch Light

When you are not motivated to go to the gym because it is a Thursday and that means it is socially acceptable to get drunk by yourself, you’ll look for any excuse not to go to the gym, including the fact you’re still in a food coma from lunch. So, keep lunch light. Have fruit and protein and healthy carbs. Keep sugar down to a minimum, though, because you don’t want to have an energy crash mid-afternoon.

Brief Is Better

If there is one thing every single human on the planet shares, it is the fear of going to the gym for an hour. It is just such an unattractive proposition and one that adds to the excuses we present to ourselves. Instead, tell yourself that you have to go to the gym for 15 minutes. That’s all. That’s manageable. Then, once you’re there, well, chances are you are going to stay for a little while longer. It’s just a matter of mind over matter sometimes.

Technology Can Be Terrific

Tech has boomed, and it has boomed in the fitness world too. So why not use your tech to keep you motivated. Set a reminder on your phone about what sort of gym session you’re doing on each day, or keep an eye on your activity, how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned. These little tips and tricks can be the very things that drag your butt to the gym. Hello, body of your Insta-crush.

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