Feeling Run Down? Time To Tackle Those Bad Habits!

You’ve not been able to sleep properly for weeks, keep suffering from severe headaches and constantly feel like your life’s spiraling out of control. Life can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re so busy you don’t know if you’re coming or going, are getting used to operating on less than six hours sleep and feel like you’re juggling ten dinner plates then something’s got to give. Sadly, it’s usually our health. While you think skipping breakfast to get to an early morning meeting, or squeezing in a gym session even though you’re sick is a good thing it isn’t! If you’re not watching what you eat, settling into a bedtime routine, or exercising healthily you’ll soon find yourself feeling tired, lethargic, stressed and more susceptible to illness.


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Despite what some of us may think the answer to life’s problems doesn’t lie at the bottom of a jumbo bag of extra cheesy Cheetos. While it’s fine to treat yourself occasionally, too many people are choosing to snack even when they aren’t hungry. For starters, many snacks just aren’t good for you. Experts recommend we should only costume around six grams of salt or six teaspoons of sugar per day, but one packet of sweets or chips can easily contain around double, or even triple that amount.

It’s entirely possible to overeat which leads to a multitude of health problems including high blood pressure, as well as piling on some extra pounds.

Stock your cupboards with healthy foods and treat yourself to fruit smoothies, or water instead of drinking litres of sodas each day. Only eat when you feel physically hungry, don’t snack when bored or stressed and never finish everything on your plate. Our bodies start to feel full twenty minutes before our mind says we’re stuffed so this way you’ll eat less.

Too Much TV

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The simple fact is we’re watching more TV than ever before thanks to on demand services, hundreds of channels airing 24 / 7 and the ability to watch stuff without TV itself. Binge watching the entire sixth series of Game Of Thrones in one go might seem like a good weekend, but actually, while you’re watching them hack and slash at each other you’re getting no exercise whatsoever. The chances are that if you’re watching more than two hours of TV per day you’re probably overeating as well. Processed foods are quicker, easier and more convenient to prepare than cooking from scratch. To avoid yourself becoming a real life couch potato why not use the 2 / 30 method? For every two hours of TV you watch, you must do at least thirty minutes of medium impact exercise.

If you can’t bear the idea of missing the latest episode of Homeland why not buy a cheap home exercise bike or stairmaster? That way you’ll be working out at the same time as watching the screen. During commercials get up and do some housework be it ironing, vacuuming or loading the washing machine as you’d be surprised by how many calories domestic chores burn. Get out the house! Yes TV is lovely but so’s the real world where you can see family, friends and loved ones as well as enjoy good old fashioned fresh air. Lastly, avoid endless channel surfing: Just because you could watch TV doesn’t mean that you should instead find something more productive to do.

Skipping Breakfast

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Skipping the toast, cereal, or fruit cup means your metabolism stays low, so you constantly feel tired, sluggish and unable to fire on all cylinders first thing in the morning. Eating breakfast is one of the easiest ways to improve your health, and you don’t need to eat typical breakfast foods either. Once you get into a routine, you’ll find you may not need your morning cup of coffee quite so badly so swap it for a fruit smoothie. Home blenders are all the rage at the moment, some of the best ones currently available not only slice, dice and grind up a variety of fruits and veggies but you can also pop in multiple pieces without jamming the blades. Smoothies are fantastic ways of getting your five a day, or if you don’t love eggs and toast why not have last night’s leftovers? There’s no law against having soup, a sandwich, a fruit cup, or even a noodle box if that’s what you fancy. Not a fan of eating first thing? Pack an energy bar, fruit salad and a yogurt for the train for when you do start to feel a little bit peckish.


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