Feel Like The Best Instagram Models With These Simple Beauty Remedies


Social media has changed our culture in many ways. It has given us the means to communicate directly, share all aspects of our lives with our extended contacts, and offer our opinions at any time of the day. It has also given us the means to express our vanity, and a thriving Instagram model culture pervades the app to the point it can be hard to get away from it.

There’s no reason you need lip fillers to seek validation from social media. It’s possible to look your best and wow people you come into contact with in real life. With these simple methods, you can look like a down-to-earth, natural beauty that will turn heads night and day.

They will also help you feel comfortable in your skin, and increase your confidence levels to heights you never before thought possible. Without further ado:


You might not think lifting weights is ideal for the feminine form, but it absolutely is. Women simply have different anatomies to men, and that’s also true for the way we can accumulate muscle. It’s more difficult for women to gain strength and muscle, but it is possible to shred fat easy and craft a sleek physique. Learning how to low-bar squat with barbells will not only improve your butt, it’ll improve your core strength which will give you very slight abs, and improve your posture.

Those two things can help someone look alert, confident and forthright. Those are beautiful qualities in themselves. Looking after your facial maintenance is one thing, but making sure you couple that with a sleek and strong body will increase your levels of femininity to cosmic heights.


Taking care of your face’s aging and skin quality will help you feel young and vibrant. If you feel like you’d love to rejuvenate your face and look even younger, consider getting an oxygen facial with a professional cosmetic firm such as the Belgravia Clinic. Otherwise, keep your moisturizer routine strong both morning and night, as well as routinely changing your pillow covers to prevent spots from forming.

The best ways to maintain healthy skin are through a balanced, nutritious diet with healthy supplementation such as vitamins, fish oil tablets, and vitamin D3. Getting enough sleep will work wonders too, and reduce the bags that form under your eyes when feeling tired or stressed.

Make-up Expert Tutorials

A trip to your local beauty parlor or drugstore will allow you to get in contact with beauty professionals, and they will help you identify what makeup palettes best suit your skin and appearance. It’s good to have your makeup ‘tailored’ in this way, as you might find some shocking home truths like you’ve been wearing the wrong shade of foundation for the last 15 years. It happens.

Correcting this error now will not only give you a perfect and clear approach to your makeup tutorial, but it’ll allow you to fall in love with the finer points of beauty therapy all over again. Make sure that you go to two beauticians and see if you get the same opinion there. No matter how you like to wear your makeup, ask this beautician how you can emphasize your strengths and they’re likely to give you amazing tips.

Overall, looking great is feeling great. Be sure to work whatever your mother gave you and enjoy your body and looks, however you are. It’s the only one you have, and your love for yourself should override all the love shown to Instagram models. It’ll make you look and feel better than you ever have before.

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