Exercising Through Injury

If you are a casual gym goer that exercises for enjoyment and to keep fit, without any real goals or targets, when you get injured you might just take a break until you recover. Taking a few weeks, or even months off, isn’t going to make a massive difference, and it’s not like you are training for a particular event that means that you need to keep your fitness levels up, right?

But, taking more than a short break from exercise when you are injured can be a mistake. While it’s essential that you rest the injured area, and slow down while you recover, stopping training completely can be a mistake. You might be amazed at how much your fitness levels are affected by taking time off. You could quickly gain weight and lose muscle tone. Your energy levels will drop, your mood might be affected, and you might start to feel depressed. Then, when you’ve recovered from your injury, and you are ready to start exercising again, you might find that you can’t.

If you’re not the kind of person that loves exercising, you might find that once you are out of your usual routine, you start to make excuses and you find it very hard to get back into the swing of things. Your fitness and energy levels will be low, and it can take a long time to get them back to where they were. You might find that other muscles have weakened, and that exercise and even everyday life is much harder than it used to be.

You might not be able to keep going as usual, but you can still exercise through injury. Here are some tips to help you.

Look After Your Injury

If you are injured, it’s vital that you take steps to protect your injury so that it can heal. You might want to look at curing peroneal tendonitis or at least make sure it’s supported and getting the rest that it needs. Listen to your body and slow down when you need to.

Try Something New

Not being about to carry on with your usual exercise routine can be a fantastic opportunity to try something new. If your wrist is hurt and you can’t lift, why not try Pilates or yoga? If you are a runner, it might be time to try weights or rowing. Try to find something that rests your injury but keeps you moving. You never know, you might find something that you love, that can help you to get a more rounded workout in the future.


Walking is perhaps the most underrated exercise that there is. While it’s not an intense workout, and you’d have to walk fast, or on rough terrain to break a sweat, it’s still movement. Walking will help you to maintain your fitness levels and burn calories without putting your body under too much stress.


Swimming is another fantastic way to move more without putting excess stress on your joints and muscles. The water will offer you both support and resistance, and swimming can be a great way to build your fitness back up if you’ve been forced to take an extended break.

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