Ethical Beauty Tips For Those On A Budget

It’s great to see so many people starting to use ethical beauty products these days. However, it’s fair to say that sustainable, ethical and environmentally-friendly beauty products often cost a significant amount more than standard products – which is always going to cause you a problem if you are short on cash.

However, with a little smart thinking, you can still go down the ethical route without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips for you to use – and feel free to suggest any more that you might have in the comments section after the post!

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Go natural

First of all, the easiest way to ensure you aren’t using problematic makeup is to stop buying it – it’s really that simple. The trouble is, how can you tell the difference between an eco-friendly product and one that is not? First, look for products that are 100% natural, rather than ‘all natural’ or something similar. You should also take some time to educate yourself about green products, and some of the language that companies use to fool customers into thinking they are buying an eco-friendly cream or makeup. Sites like Green Choices and many others have big lists of eco-friendly companies, so check them out and start making wiser buying decisions.

Buy multi-use beauty products

Don’t forget, every beauty product you buy has a carbon footprint. It makes sense, then, to ensure you are using multi-use products as much as possible. Combination shampoo and conditioner is an obvious starting point, of course, and products like this face moisturizer are great examples, too. It’s not tested on animals and uses no parabens, for a start, which ticks off all the environmental and ethical issues you might have. But you can also use it for more than one purpose – it is great for improving your skin’s appearance, and works as a moisturizer for anyone showing signs of sun damage.

Use a body brush

For something so simple in design and inexpensive in price, the body brush is an incredible addition to anyone’s beauty cupboard. Just use it to clean your skin, stimulate your circulation, and get that blood pumping all over your body. Your skin will look firmer, the body brush helps to break down cellulite, and it can even help you get rid of nasty waste and toxins that lie beneath the skin.

Create your own makeup

Of course, you can never be 100% sure of the ingredients used in the products you buy. So, why not make your own? Mashed avocado and Greek yogurt with half a lemon make for a fantastic face mask. You can use crushed oats as a way to soften your rough skin, and they work as a body scrub, too. And don’t forget to look in your pantry. There is a host of surprising products in there, including the amazing bicarbonate of soda which you can use to clean, exfoliate, dry shampoo and even whiten your teeth.

OK, so there you have it: some simple tips for making ethical beauty choices – don’t forget to leave your own advice in the comments section!  

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