Dodge The Gym! Easy Weight-Loss Habits

You, and countless other people, may want to shed a few pounds, but hate the thought of giving up your favorite foods, counting every single calorie you consume, or spending the majority of your life at the gym. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to lose weight. Here, we’ve listed a few small changes to you can make to your lifestyle that will help you along to your weight loss goals.

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Drain Peanut Butter

If you can’t go a day without your fix of peanut butter, this little habit could make a huge difference to how quickly you’re able to shed those pounds. Start buying natural brands of peanut butter, and pour off the oil that’s sitting on the top with each new jar. Each serving will have 20 fewer calories, and around two grams less of fat. This alone adds up to a few pounds a year.

Rediscover Popcorn

If you’re not getting enough fiber, you’ll put on more weight. Note that I say enough fiber. Too much can also be detrimental to your weight-loss goals. Ditch the usual salty snacks you reach for, and get into the habit of buying low-fat popcorn instead. This has a lot more fiber than other snacks and far less calories, ensuring that snack time is both filling and safe. Upping your fiber intake can greatly reduce the number of calories your body absorbs, so don’t wave this tip away!

Talk to your Doctor

If you know that you’re not going in for a check-up as much as you should, seeing your doctor more often could be another great habit for working towards your weight-loss goals. Having a full check-up, including blood work, can open your eyes to just how much your weight is damaging your health, and be a powerful motivator to drop various bad habits. Your physician may also be able to refer you to a nutritionist, encourage you to learn more about aesthetic surgery, and even pick up on underlying issues in your mental health that could be holding you back. Talking to your doctor is never a bad thing, especially when you’re striving towards weight-loss milestones.

Shut Up and Dance

Make a point of going for a well-earned night of dancing with your girlfriends, or just leave yourself a window for a solo session in the living room. Fast-paced dancing is not only a fun way to pass the time, but also an extremely efficient way to burn calories. The boost to your mood will also help with the self-discipline it takes to push yourself towards your goals. If you’re getting bored of treadmills and exercise bikes, then make more time for dancing!

Quit Night-time Snacking

Avoiding snacking after dinner is another easy way to shed more weight in a shorter space of time. A lot of us spend our evenings snacking away in front of TV, which is a quick way to consume a whole meal’s worth of calories, not to mention a lot of sodium. Quit snacking for one day of the week and increase this by increments, and soon you won’t even remember missing it!


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