So last week I received a rather exciting package from CLIF Bar & Company and it came in the shape of treats, gym treats. Oh how I love protein bars and energy shots… not. I hate them, they usually taste dry (in particular protein bars) and sour (the energy shots), I just can never find a bar that actually tastes edible. The thing is they really do help your diet, adding an extra protein bar in here and there can really combat cravings and keep your levels up so you’re raring to go at the gym!! So when the guys are CLIF got in touch I was little dubious thinking ‘hmm will they taste good? What makes them so different?!’ so I done a little research into the brand and this is what I found…

Gary the founder of the company an American dude, was on a bike ride one day and as he took a bite from another energy bar he thought to himself “I could make a better bar than this” so that’s what he did and that’s where his inspiration came from, he calls it his ‘epiphany’. It took him almost two years and a number of hours later, slaving away in his mothers kitchen as to when his mission became a reality… he had created the perfect taste. The brand was named after his father Clifford whom he states is his hero and sports companion *cute*. From this, I felt like Gary had really communicated his brand vision/values… he was just another gym go-er on the hunt for a tasty gym snack. “The CLIF Bar equation is simple – put good food in to get good performance out.” So I decided to give it a try.

I was lucky enough to receive the full-monty package, jam packed full of CLIF goodies which included the original selection of CLIFF BAR Energy Bar, CLIFS Builders High Protein Bar and CLIF Gel and Bloks for Athletes. So lets find out how I go on shall we…

  1. CLIF BAR Energy Bardsc_0441 dsc_0446dsc_0516

    This bar comes in a variety of flavours, my favourites are the Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Almond Fudge. This bar has been created to deliver energy from multiple carbohydrate sources and blend of nutrients, something I can vouch for since I had one of the bars an hour before I visited the gym and boom I was off raring to go as usually on an afternoon before I go to the gym I can feel quite sloblish and tired. It combines wholesome, delicious ingredients including organic rolled oats and organic dates all wrapped up in a moist, fulfilling bar, CLIF Bar is a source of protein and fibre and contains 11 vitamins including B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal release of energy for use in the body. It’s advised to use before and after exercise plus during low intensity exercise but I was always use it before ordinarily. I loved the taste, definitely not dry or powdery and even has the texture of a normal biscuit or flapjack…ideal with a cup of a green tea. Taste rating: 10/10

  2. CLIF BUILDER’S High Protein Bar dsc_0428dsc_0519

    This bar comes in three exciting flavours, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate, my favorite was plain chocolate… what can I say I’m a sucker for chocolate and a plain jayne. This bar really is great tasting considering it contains a whopping 20g of protein for growth and maintenance of muscle mass, I thorough enjoyed this bar and thought it was quite filling. This is advised to be eaten before or after exercise, again I had this before. Taste rating: 8/10

  3. CLIF GEL AND BLOKS dsc_0431 dsc_0437
    These two magical and unique creations have been designed for the inner athletes in us all, they both contain carbohydrates and some flavours can contain caffeine like the Citrus gel shots and the Black Cherry Bloks. The flavours available in the gel include Chocolate, Citrus, Double Expresso, Mocha and Razz and in the bloks include Stawberry, Tropical Punch, Mountain Berry and Black Cherry.  They actually all sound a little like pre workout flavours don’t they?! Can you imagine the Double Expresso on a morning? Probably blow your head off. I tried these bad boys on a morning, before an early morning spinning session and boy did they work. I was instantly awake about 15 minutes after taking the gel and a few bloks. The gel wasn’t as sour as expecting, it didn’t make me wince lets just say that and the chocolate flavour wasn’t as sickly as I thought, enjoyable and not too thick. The bloks can only be described as jelly like and wine gum like, if that makes sense? The fruity flavours like the strawberry were my favourite and went down a treat. Taste rating: 8/10


 So after deleberating which was my favourite product, I’d say the Energy Bar was my favourite it tasted less like a supplement than the rest of the products and more just a healthy snack. CLIF Bar’s are available from Boots, Tesco, Holland & Barrett and all good independent health food retailers, priced at only £1.60 which I don’t think’s bad considering the nutritional values and what’s actually in the bars so I’ll definitely be purchasing.

Have you tried Clif Bars before?

*This post contains PR samples.

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