Change Your Fitness Mindset

Most of us are guilty of something: talking to ourselves about how hard it is to get fit and how much of a sacrifice it is. Most of the problems we have when it comes to getting fit aren’t physical or real – they’re all up there in our brains.

There are many ways that we sabotage our fitness plans. One common thing we do is make ourselves feel really guilty whenever we stray from our nutrition plan. Another is telling yourself that you’re not making fast enough progress. Another is giving up with one program and starting with another.

It’s time, therefore, to shift your fitness mindset. You need to change how you think about fitness if you’re going to succeed over the long term.


When it comes to training, most people need goals. Yes, there are a few people out there who love training for the sake of it, but the majority of people need some kind of external motivation. The problem for many people, though, is that they choose an end goal that is a long way away and they don’t focus on anything in between. Sometimes that ultimate goal is so far away that it quickly ceases being relevant and starts getting you down.


It’s a much better idea to set intermediate goals when training. Focus on short-term targets, like running a slightly quicker time or losing a small amount of weight. Then, when you reach those goals, strive for the next set of goals to give you something to work for.


It’s also a good idea to make training convenient. If you live out in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you want to do is travel an hour each way to go to the gym. Find out more about which gym equipment to choose from sites like and start making getting fit easier. Every month, add a new piece of equipment to your arsenal, giving you something new and interesting to do. Your priority should be to make working out convenient and exciting.


Nutrition is, in many ways, more important to your overall body composition than training. Training will bring your muscles out and make them larger, but nutrition is what will influence the whole shape of your body and the amount of fat that you’re carrying.


The problem with nutrition is that it is very easy to get hung up on it. People who try to be really strict with themselves about what they eat end up breaking and ultimately have to go back to their old foods. A much better approach, according to, is to take it easy. Just pick foods that will help you reach your weight goals and don’t sweat it if you choose something you think is bad. Recognize that calories can be counted as a weekly, not a daily total. So even if you stuff your face on Wednesday, you can eat less on Thursday and still hit your calorie goals. Being flexible and laid back when it comes to food is key to long term success.


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