BooTea TeaTox & Little Oats Review

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As I’ve already shared my love for TeaTox’s I thought I’d put together a post sharing my experience with BooTea for you guys considering doing a TeaTox course!

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bloated, not my self, moody you know a real pleasure to be around (not) so I decided to give myself some TLC! I’ve just booked 6 weeks worth of session at the gym with my Personal Trainer of which I’ll be documenting to show you all results by the way, and I thought I’d get myself some BooTea since it was on offer in Holland and Barrett knowing all the pros of detoxing! I’d read about their new range of products recently and been reading some online reviews for the Little Oats too which all sounded positive and they were on offer too so I thought why not, lets get back on this health kick. Ironic since their slogan is “Kickstart your healthy lifestyle”, bring it!

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BooTea as a company communicate their passion about health & weight loss and say that they strive to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle by assisting customers with their overall health and wellbeing. Great for people needing that extra push.

The 14 day TeaTox course is usually only £19.99. I started the course the next day accordingly, same with any other TeaTox you have the morning tea every day and the night tea every other night. Taste wise, both morning and night time tea are lovely but then again I only really drink Green Tea so can handle these types of tastes.

So the verdict on the morning tea? Ideal! I loved it, it gave me that extra boost a morning, gave me energy and defiantly stop my sugar cravings throughout the day. Night time tea? I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t pleasant. I actually only had one night time tea throughout the whole course since it didn’t agree with me however my Mam done the night time tea and had no bother with it, I think it just depends on your metabolism. So in the future I’ll be just purchasing the Day Time Tea which you can buy separately!

Not forgetting the Little Oats! They aren’t exactly Golden Syrup porridge but actually tasted much better than I’d imagined! Really quick and easy to make, great for when your on the go  and ideal for a post gym breakfast since they include Oats, Skimmed Milk Powder, Xylitol, Whey Protein (Milk, Soya Lecithin), Chia Seeds, Milled Goji Berries and Linseeds, Yerba Mate Matcha, Acai Powder. Little Oats come in at £9.99, not to bad for a 14 day course too.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend BooTea to anyone after a weight loss kick start as well as the Little Oats, the brand have a range of products to help aid weigh loss as well as a free meal plan to follow to ensure you get the best from your BooTea products and experience. I know there has recently been a lot of uproar about BooTea and the contraceptive pill so make sure you read the FAQ page found here before you consider using!

Has anyone tried any other TeaTox’s which you can recommend? Let me know!




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