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Since I’m back in my gym-everyday mode again I’ve never felt better. By gym-everyday mode I mean Monday-Friday gym & a Saturday if I don’t have anything on! I take part in exercises classes when I’m at the gym including, circuits, body pump, spinning, bootcamp, boxercise and kettlebells depending on the schedule. I just try to mix it up, keep it interesting as I find the gym can get rather boring when you’re doing the same thing every day. Plus I know I’m really pushing myself when I’m in a class, not just yawning going at my own pace as sometimes I used to do back when I only used to go into the actual gym.

So the motivation is back, and with that I’ve been making a real effort food wise too! I’ve bought the famous Body Coach Lean in 15 recipe books so am spicing things up when it comes to healthy eating too. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll have seen I’ve previously written posts in the past about how much I love food and how I try new stuff all the time so this has really been helping with that, I recently made the Chorizo Breakfast Muffins by the Body Coach which were amazing, really! I tweeted him the photo and he actually replied and RT’d (I know I’m practically famous now). Check them out…. So simple to make too.



Again if you’re a follower of my blog you’ll know how much I preach about TeaTox’s, I’ve tried a few and only one or two really agree with me. Some can trigger my IBS, some can make me have horrendous you know what *poo emoji*, some can make me feel brilliant and some can help me loose a little weight. It’s just about finding one you like and actually works with you and your diet.

I’m always keeping myself updated on new TeaTox’s, tea trends, researching herbal teas as I really do think the contribute to a healthy diet and I thoroughly enjoy a cuppa on a morning and night. I recently discovered Begu Tea, their tea has been developed to be a ‘revolutionary way of realizing your weight loss ambitions’ plus importantly maintaining a healthier lifestyle in a natural and enjoyable way. They sell themselves as recognizing that everyone is different and there is no generic quick-fix which would be suitable for all. A brilliant perspective in my eyes since some other companies brand themselves with stick thin women and chizzled men!! Backing themselves up when they say everyone is different and not all weight loss tea can be a solution for people, they’ve actually created a questionnaire that they advise you to fill in before you have a browse around their site and ultimately purchase which is their first step to understanding how you might react to/deal with lifestyle challenges i.e. temptations plus it then creates a personalized program that has the best chance of working for you within your lifestyle… handy.

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I was sent by their team a selection of teas, first let me start with the packing and branding.

  • Bright, bold, exciting colours it’s attractive, it’s appealing, and basically it’s the definition of motivating I can’t fault their branding.
  • Informative, the back of the packaging has everything you need to know about the product form how to use, serving suggestions, whether it contains caffeine and the ingredients and their origins.

Within the selection here’s what I received and my opinions:

Opinion: Tangy was the first thought that came into my head when I tried this, it contains lemon peel and ginger so that might be it! You can really taste the spices used in this tea which makes it so tasty. I loved it. This tea is described by them as ‘full of stimulants for your mind and body’ and ‘calorie cutting power in a bag!’ of which I agree with.

Opinion: Orangy, was my first thought. Delicious, since it does contain orange peel. This tea is formulated to boost sleep and body repair and actually does work. I’ve been drinking this night tea for almost 2 and a half weeks now and every night I’ve had a dreamy night’s sleep. AND may I add doesn’t contain a laxative like most night time teas.

Opinion: Fruity, since it does contain apple peel but also cinnamon which is a great sweet combination. This has been created to cut down on big portions containing appetite suppressants. I drank this after my breakfast and dinner, I did feel like it has a positive effect especially after dinner since I set myself off after dinner craving sweet treats.

Opinion: Cocunutty and sweet! This was my favourite tea by a mile, it contains coconut obviously plus sunflower petals which I could really taste. This for your darkest points of the day, the time of day when you need sugar and lots of it! It kills those cravings by satisfying that sweetie need.

Opinion: I was in need of this, I’m a rather stressy person to say the least. It basically just tastes like Camomile tea, very calming. I took this while I was at work a few times since it’s conveyed to bring your inner calmness.

Opinion: My least favourite our selection, it doesn’t smell that great but don’t be put off it doesn’t taste that bad! This is the tea that contains the laxative BUT don’t worry it’s not as bad as you think. I was very worried about taking this tea as I’ve had terrible experiences with other teas but this just gives your metabolism a light kick to get it going. No horrible stomach cramps, no being stuck on the toilet. Result!!

IMG_0300 (2) IMG_0301 (2) IMG_0303 (2)

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been taking the teas for about 2 and half weeks and honestly I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience so far. I’ve noticed a difference in my moods and energy levels plus even managing to shed a couple of pounds! Speaking of pounds, Begu is really reasonably priced. Lose weight without breaking the bank! So in conclusion I’d definitely recommend Begu Tea to anyone wanting to make a change within their lifestyle.

*I was sent complimentary samples of Begu Tea, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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