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I feel like its officially winter, I know winter isn’t actually here until the 21st but since December has drawn in a few days ago I feel like it’s here! All we need now is the snow!!

I don’t know about anyone else but when it’s this cold I’m always hungry for a hearty hot meal to keep me going, but what comes with a hearty meal? Calories, fats and just general unhealthiness right? WRONG. Wrong?! How can that be I hear you ask?! The food genuineness at Batchelors have recently created three new ranges of convenient, tasty, microwaveable meal pots which includes High Protein, High Veg and Soup & Dippers in 16 delicious flavours. So now we can have a fufilling, hot, nutritious meal in seconds. Each individual recipe that makes up the pot is jam packed full of delicious, healthy ingredients plus added nutritional benefits such as protein rich beans, authentic European flavours, low fat and sugar and chunky vegetables meaning one portion of your five a day even in a single pot making it ideal for a quick lunch while your busy at work.


So lets talk about the three ranges I mentioned High Protein, High Veg and Soup & Dippers. What’s actually the difference between the three?

  • High Protein Lunch Pots – these little pots of wonders are available in four fantastic flavors such as Peruvian Quinoa and Mexican Bean Chilli. I tried the Peruvian Quinoa which was super yummy, I’ve never tried any Peruvian styled dishes before so didn’t quite know what to expect but basically this was a veggy delight. It’s made up of a mixture of vegetables including onion, potato, sweetcorn and red pepper which has been cooked with quinoa whom is super-food ingredient I love. I’ve only ever had quinoa topped on my salads so to try it will vegetables in a sauce was a good different, SO flavoursome. This pot was one of my five a day, low in fat, had no artificial colours or preservatives and contained over 20% of my recommended daily protein intake… result. Can I also add it took 90 seconds to make in the microwave and is only 236 calories. dsc_0418dsc_0422
  • High Veg Pots – my favourite out of the pot ranges! These pots come in six scrumptious flavours including Red Pepper Noodles with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Spinach Noodles with Thai Green Curry Sauce of which I tried. These babies are packed with whole vegetables in a rich sauce combined with either whole wheat pasta or noodles. I’d say if you want an authentic taste of the Med or Thailand for your dinner but want to remain healthy, these should be your go to products. I loved the spinach noddles, they were the best bit!! The heavenly thai green curry sauce worked so well with the sweetcorn, onion, green pepper and green beans meaning I ate the pot in around 10 seconds… one word amazing. Again this recipe was ready in 90 seconds in the microwave and comes in at just 300 calories.dsc_0412dsc_0509
  • Soup & Dippers – Good old soup, it’s like a hug for our insides on a cold winters day eh?! There really isn’t anything better. The aim of Soup & Dippers is that soup still remains wholesome, hearty and thick plus having something to dip in to soak the soup up but still sticks with the healthy meal values…and that’s exactly what these recipes do. There at six variations of flavours including Lentil & Bacon with cracked black pepper bread croutons and Carrot & Coriander with cracked black pepper crispy breads, which I tried. To be honest my mouth is watering just thinking about it, it was divine and having the black pepper crispy breads as an extra to dip in was so exciting and bursting with seasoning. The soup is low in fat and sugar, one of my five a day and no added MSG. It can be made in 2 minutes (quicker than normal soup) and comes in at 165 calories.dsc_0416dsc_0415

I also tried a few other flavours of each range and again can say that I thorough enjoyed the lunch pots, not only did they fill me they hit the spot with exactly what ingredients my body needed. I do a lot of exercise so I can often crave crabs, sweets, sugars so it was good to get all key nutrients from the pots meaning my want for the bad stuff curved. The pots are priced at just £1.99, not bad for all of us on a budget and for a lunch time meal since on average we spend £5 on dinners every day, they are also available at all major retailers.  So in conclusion, Batchelors have done it again with their crafty quick meals and this time catering for the health conscious.

Huge thank you to Premier Foods for sending me a few over to try, 10/10 for me!

*This post contain PR samples.


  • Reply Laura Budd December 5, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    These sound so perfect for me when I go back to work, eyes shall be peeled! x

    • Reply Alice December 5, 2016 at 2:01 pm

      They are super yummy! x

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