A Quick Guide To Body Confidence Whatever Your Shape

Body confidence might not be something that you’re familiar with. It’s something that many people aren’t familiar with. After all, we’re constantly bombarded with images from the media about what’s desirable and acceptable and what isn’t. Many of us grew up around parents and people who were constantly dieting, even going as far to comment on your own shape because of their insecurities. These things can be deeply ingrained in us, and the habit of judging our bodies can be tough to break. 

However, you can have body confidence whatever your shape. You don’t need to change a thing about your body. You just need to change your mindset and the way you look at yourself. The ideas below can help you with this: 

Be Selective About The Content You Consume 

The content we consume can have a huge impact on how we view ourselves. If you’re following people who photoshop their bodies and have ‘perfect’ looking lives, it’s only natural to start feeling insecure about your own. You can’t always tell who photoshops and who doesn’t, so it’s a good idea to simply unfollow anybody who doesn’t make you feel great. Try following accounts like @bodyposipanda who take real pictures and advocate body positivity. Ashley Graham, Iskra, and similar people all make great follows too. Filling your feed with these wonderful people will help you to see how worthy your own body is, no matter what it looks like. 

Reject Toxic Diet Culture 

Diet culture is extremely toxic, and too big of a subject to unpack here. Rather than following it, look into it and learn why it’s bad. You can then look after your body because you love it and not because you are punishing yourself, like so many people seem to do these days. a

 Practice Self Care 

Practice self care every day. Use nice beauty products, take baths, read books, and do things because they feel good. You may have wanted to have a breast enlargement for as long as you can remember, and if you’re in a good head space and feel like this is still something you want, go ahead and look into it. However, if you’re not loving your body and practice self care, chances are the changes you want to make aren’t coming from the right place.  

Exercise With A Great Goal In Mind 

Don’t exercise with the sole goal of losing weight or becoming smaller. Our bodies are so much better than that! See how much faster and stronger you can get. Impress yourself with a new yoga move. Set goals that are actually fun! 

 Stop Judging The Bodies Of Others

It can be tough not to judge when we’re brought up in a culture that just loves to do it, but next time, catch yourself. The more you stop yourself from doing this, the easier you’ll go on yourself. 

Speak To Yourself Like You Would A Friend

When talking to yourself, pretend you’re your own best friend – because you should be. Don’t say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to a friend.

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