6 January Faves

I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t WAIT for January to be over. It really is the bluest, most depressing month of all. If it wasn’t bad enough Christmas and New Year celebrations being over, going back to work AND getting back to a routine, starting the gym plus the January diet… the really worst part of January is the checking your bank balance after you’ve been giving it the big I AM for last 2 weeks over Christmas with your card, making it rain money basically. Well I was, you whose reading this might have actually been sensible and thought about this moment right now while I glance at my 0.00 balance. Skint.

Never mind, money isn’t everything ey? I’m happy, healthy, have food, warmth and a bed thanks to my Mam ha! So, I’m trying to maintain positive mental attitude this month, looking back at my motto’s I wrote here earlier this month and trying to look past all of the knock downs I’ve already had this month. Must stay strong!

I thought I’d put together a post on my January favourites, the things that are getting me through this month, the little things!

  1. MADAME LALA Self Tan Mouse

    If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll have read about my rave review of the MADAME LALA Bronzing ball, found here for all those newbies to Zest of Alice. We all love a little tan in our life, since it’s not summer yet and the sun is no where to be seen up here in the North East we have to improvise (come to think of it, I actually can’t remember the last time I saw the sun, how upsetting), and that’s where this false tan has came into use. I’m all about the natural glow and have been looking out for a false tan that isn’t going to make me look orange or my hands and feet for that matter. So when the lovely team at MADAME got in touch asking me if I’d like to try the light coloured tan I couldn’t say no! The tan develops within 3 hours, evenly and is so lightweight on the skin so it doesn’t thickly cover our pores. The formula even has hydrating skincare benefits all from their wonderful ingredients like coco water, aloe, green tea and vitamin E which I think is vital factor of any false tan as my skin can go super dry with some false tans. 10/10 from me, make sure you ladies check it out!

  2. Carex Love Hearts Fun Edition Soap

    I have been hit with the deathly flu over the last week and haven’t stopped sneezing! The weekend I was especially worse and didn’t leave my bed all day. I ventured out to go pick my boyfriend up and didn’t take any tissues out with me… school boy error, wet snots all over me as I was driving. Lovely picture as you can imagine. So, because I’ve been like a working germ I’ve been making sure to wash my hands at every given moment and I am so thankful for Carex Love Hearts Fun Edition Soap which gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria! No nasty bleechy, hospital smell either just the sweetest and nicest smell ever… kinda’ wanna eat my hands.

  3. The Alkaline Cure Book

    So I’ve been hammering the gym and healthy eating since I’ve vow’d to get my motivation back in full swing and to make myself feel better about so that when I look in the mirror I’m happy with what I see! I was lucky enough to be sent this revolutionary book, or bible should I say on the Alkaline Cure. Dr Stephen Domenig has delved into the secrets behind the cure, creating an easy-to-follow 14 day plan enabling us as the readers to feel the benefits at home. The book focuses on how it’s not just about what you eat – it is about how you eat, when you eat, where you eat and why. It’s a really interesting read and next week I’m going to give it a go, wish me luck!

  4. T Plus Tea

    Speaking on healthy eating and losing weight, you all know I love a good teatox in aid of a detox! I’ve been using T plus Tea these past few weeks to give my body some well needed TLC. The brand is quite new to the market whom have developed a few different blends to ensure we get the right goodness in our bodies when and where we need it the most! I’ve been loving the boost and detox teas the best which are great and specifically designed for gym goo-ers! Make sure you check out their ranges here.

  5. Lypsl’s New Range

    With cold and flu came chapped lips… how attractive. I have been relaying on my lypsl this weekend!! Lypsl have recently released a brand spanking new range of lip licking gooood flavours and formulas to make sure our lips are pout-able come valentine’s day! My favourite is the uplifting pomegranate and strawberry flavour which is enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and avocado oil plus it smells amazing. Honestly it’s really helped my dry, tired and rough lips.

  6. Avocado, Egg & Bacon

    After being told a secret recipe to the perfect mushed avocado to spread on toast, it has changed my life forever. Avocado is alright mushed by itself don’t get me wrong and was always a favourite of mine, but after adding a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper plus a squeeze of lemon juice… it really has made my healthy breakfast just that little bit more tastier. Add a pouched egg, some lean bacon and you officially have the best breakfast ever. I religiously have this every Saturday after a hard 2 hours in the gym.

Have you got any January faves?!

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