5 Ways To Pimp Up Your Morning Pancakes

Whether you’re a sucker for something sweet (like me!) or just love to start the day with a hearty stack of pancakes, the sky is the limit when it comes to pancakes recipes and toppings. Which is why I’ve teamed up with Peak Body to put together 6 ways you can pimp up your morning pancakes while being healthy!

Starting point

To make your healthy pancakes, use this pancake recipe for your batter using diet protein powder:

1 small banana

2 Eggs

3 scoops of diet protein powder

1 tsp coconut oil or fry light for frying

The classic lemon and sugar option

Like all good things in life, if it’s not broken then don’t try to fix it! This is almost definitely the case when it comes to pancakes. Tried and tested the lemon and sugar option is one of the easiest yet delicious ways to pimp up your morning pancakes.

To create this delicious dish all you need to do is add 175ml to your protein mix to make the consistency runny and easy to pour.  Go ahead and cook your pancakes and serve with a dash of lemon and a healthy drizzle of low-calorie golden syrup.

American style

Take a trip overseas and savour the unforgettable tastes of the unites states with any American style maple and bacon pancakes.

Cook your ready-made mixture till it goes a mouth-watering golden-brown colour. When fully cooked, stack the pancakes high and serve with three rashers of grilled unsmoked bacon medallions.  Finish this legendary dish off with two tablespoons of low-calorie syrup.

Tropical berries

Indulge in summer with this tropical number and savour the contrasting tastes of coconut and sweet tastes of berries and bee pollen.

Mix a handful of berries to your ready-made protein mixture to create a fluffy yet fruity pancake base. When you’re happy with the consistency of your pancakes plate up and combine the sweetness of the yoghurt with fresh berries and a teaspoon of bee pollen for the ultimate healthy yet tasty fusion!

Banoffee Berry Pancakes

Start the day right with this mix of blueberries and bananas!

Just a mix cup of blueberries with your pancake mix before placing it in the pan and enjoy the sweet tasting pancakes once they are cooked. Serve up with sliced banana and a few fresh blueberries for extra sweetness.  Finish the stack off with a generous dousing of low-calorie syrup.

Tropical Vanilla Pancakes

Popular with the sweet lovers out there – this recipe delivers all the favour at half of the calories!

Mix vanilla flavouring with your ready-made mixture to make a sweet base for your tropical delight. Serve the stack alongside a large tablespoon of coconut yoghurt, a handful of raspberries and 1 passion fruit. Add extra lashings of low-calorie vanilla syrup to finish this breakfast of heroes off.


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