5 Ways Cycling Will Improve Your Health

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Boosts Brain Power

Feeling like your brain needs a boost? Then jump on a bike. New research has revealed that the cardiorespiratory improvement that cycling brings also brings about an improvement in the way that we deal with mental tasks. Apparently cycling helps to create new brain cells in the ‘hippocampus’ part of the brain and this part of the brain is responsible for memory. As this part of the brain starts to deteriorate at around the age of 30, we need all the help we can get and something as simple as cycling for 30 minutes a day can help us do just that.

Reduce Illness

The moderate exercise that cycling offers can certainly go some way in reducing illness. As even light exercise can make your immune cells more active, cycling can help you to fight off infection. Of course even more intense exercise can boost your health even more. So if you are thinking about getting into some serious cardio-vascular mountain biking then the result on the immune cells are even stronger. Learn more about road bikes that can double up as mountain bikes and tour bikes so that you can really start enjoying a stronger immune system. Not only is daily commuting great at ensuring regular exercise, but getting out into the countryside at the weekend will really push your fitness to the next level and will have you feeling fitter and healthier all round.


Apparently just riding a bike for 45 minutes, three times a week can increase your lifespan. A recent study at King’s College, London, experimented with 2,400 identical twins and discovered that the twin who did just 135 minutes of cycling a week were ‘biologically younger’ by nine years. This is even more surprising when you know that applied even after other negative influences such as BMi (body mass index) and smoking were taken into consideration. This study revealed that regular exercise and balance has a direct impact on our health by lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity and high blood pressure.

Less Pollution

Recent scientific study has revealed that cyclists breathe in less pollution than people who either drive or use public transport to get to and from work. Contrary to popular belief, this new research goes a long way in debunking the common fear that cycling amongst heavy traffic means cyclists have to ingest high levels of pollution. Which is great news for people who have been sceptical about the health benefits that cycling in a busy city centre brings.

Great Pregnancy Exercise

The most surprising discovery of all is that cycling can actually improve labour for women who are pregnant. Apparently pregnant women who regularly cycle throughout their pregnancy have less complicated and easier births. They are also said to recover faster and have a more positive mood throughout the pregnancy period. One last amazing fact is that also the baby of a cycling mummy is also 50% less likely to become obese or suffer from weight problems. Amazing!

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