4 Tricks To Work It While Working It

Pounding away at the gym is not glamorous, let’s be honest. You can see the photos of the models with the lean, strong legs and the super healthy hair without a bead of sweat on their forehead, and that is exactly the opposite of the image that you see in the mirror of the gym when you work out. The thing is, we work out to look good, to feel good and to make our bodies stronger. So, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to work it while we work on that! There’s not many tricks in the bag that will keep your hair free from frizz, your face a perfect pigment and the sweat at bay, but there are still ways that you can look good while working out, and we’ve got four of those tricks for you below.

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Flatter Yourself. Gym clothes are figure-hugging to allow for speed and to keep you cool. You may be starting out at the gym rocking a weight that you aren’t used to, so feeling self-conscious in gym leggings is natural. The key here is to choose colours and styles that flatter your figure. Pick leggings that are in a dark colour, so that you avoid sporting sweat patches for the whole gym to see. Choose a sports bra that fits you well and keeps you from knocking yourself out at the same time, and focus on the workout, not the people!

Hair Up, Ladies! There’s something utterly beautiful about wearing hair down around your face. During a workout? Not so much! Vigorous workouts need beautiful updos, so check out these amazing hairstyles that are simple for your workout needs. You want to stay looking neat, and an updo can keep your hair from annoying you while you work on you.

Bring A Towel. You may have seen the paper hand towels on offer around your gym, but bringing your own small towel with your bottle of water can help you blot away those beads of sweat. If you want to go one better, invest in a sports sponge like the one you can find on this website. Absorbent, cleansing and you can keep them moist while you exercise.

Natural Makeup. Okay, so wearing makeup at a time where you can literally watch it rinse off your face is not usually the best idea. However, when you’re a gym newbie, confidence is the preference that sees you through those first few workouts and gets you feeling familiar in your surroundings. Light makeup that is waterproof is perfect for a workout and gives you that confidence you need to get going.

There are plenty of ways that you can make your gym experience one to be enjoyed, and you don’t have to be a wallflower to do that. You need to feel good to have the confidence to workout. The workout that you do makes you feel even better, prompting you to keep going. Don’t miss the chance to give your self-esteem a boost!

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