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Sunday again!!!! Hope everyone has had a great week. It’s flew hasn’t it? I started the weekend in style on Friday night at No28 prossecco drinkin’ and burger tryin’!

I was invited down to the hidden gem bar No28 near monument in Newcastle, I’d only just discovered Bar No28 recently when I just stumbled across it one night when having a few drinks a couple of months ago. I would say it’s my starting place now when I go on a night out in Newcastle, it’s a place where the drinks are reasonably priced, the music isn’t too loud meaning you can have an actual conversation (plus they play decent must FYI), and the atmosphere is very chilled rather than pretentious like some bars in Newcastle, by that I mean the ‘Geordie Shore’ type ha! Although I can’t say anything, if people saw me on the night out you’d think I’d just stepped out of TOWIE.

Anyway, I really like the place so when I heard about street food traders The Grind working closely with them I was over the moon!  The Grind have quickly became a favourite in the region, holding many stands down the Quayside and food festivals over the summer and I’d heard great reviews.

I arrived at the bar around 6ish and was greeted by one of the bar managers who welcomed me and a friend with opening arms, full of enthusiasm for us to try! We were super excited, especially since the Prossecco was in full flow, it’s worth mentioning actually that bottles of Prosseco are only £15 before 9pm in the bar… a bargain if you ask me! We were given a special area for VIPs and then given a menu. The Grind have ‘rustled up’ a mouth watering menu for No28 jam packed full of delicious burgers which honestly made me want to try em’ all!


We were then told about the vision of The Grind and what they had created for our taste buds. The team explained about their experimentation with different meat cuts, grinding it in specific ways, improving the standard fat content and finishing the smash method to create the perfectly juicy burger patty. Then food was served!

DSC_0182 DSC_0185 DSC_0186 DSC_0190

Firstly, lets talk about how it looked. The burger looked succulent, meaty not over taken by salad which I find is sometimes usually the case with burgers at grill restaurants, chunky wrapped in which was a blessing when I was eating it really since it was something to keep it all together! The fries were a perfect cut, not wedges, not skinny, the right thickness. Secondly lets talk about the taste. The burger was yummy, scrumptious, filling, meaty, peppery, hearty, AMAZING (I could literally make a list of words summing this up but I’ll stop there) and the bun, the bun wasn’t dry or stale but dare I say moist, I may or may not be dribbling thinking about it right now… The fries had the wow factor, the consistency you can only dream about getting right, crispy on the ends and soft in the middle oh my. We were then given some spicey chicken wings which were marinated in a tangy sauce complimented with a soothing dipping sauce.

DSC_0196 DSC_0195

The chef then came up once we’ve finished licking our fingers and asked our opinions, obviously I was saying how much I’d enjoyed it and was especially interested to find out what exactly it is that they do to these burgers and buns that make them so dreamy! And his reply? That he had a slow proved bun custom baked for them that once steamed on the grill melds the whole thing together into what he feel is “a little piece of cheeseburger heaven”. I couldn’t agree more! I also asked about the cheese and sauces he used, he preached about the ultimate Big Mac taste, the cheese we all adore and recognize/associate with burgers and that he wanted to recreate/improve it.

If anything the burgers reminded me of the burgers you imagine in America, I say that because I remember watching ‘Man Vs Food’ and seeing the presenter try this beautiful juicy burger in one episode! All in all I had a brilliant night at Bar No28 with The Grind, both brands really suit each other and this is a really exciting collaboration for both. I will be making a fast return, can’t wait to take my boyfriend one evening.

*I was invited to Bar No28 complimentary however all opinions and views are my own.



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