Roasted Stuffed Peppers Recipe

I’m getting well into my cooking at the minute, much to my Mam and boyfriend’s delight! When you’re trying to be healthy and make better choices, it’s crucial to be creative with recipes and ingredients. Chicken and Veg can get rather boring after a while, can’t it?! Presuming you read Monday’s post on my healthy peanut butter cups, you’ll understand my love for food and my diet situation! I just kinda’ wanna’ get the most out of my food, and nutrition is key whilst partaking in an active lifestyle. I gym it 6 times a week, varying between cardio and weightlifting, therefore my body relies on the fuel I provide it to keep getting stronger and fitter. I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits in recent months, eating more of the right foods has done me the world of good. I feel so much better, less tired and raring when it comes to the gym. My attitude and fitness mojo have massively improved happy body = happy mind.

Following my experimentation and creativity strike with food, I just had to share this quick and easy recipe I recently came across on The Ideas Kitchen website from the microwave recipes section.

So here it is, I present to you Roasted Stuffed Peppers! These are ideal make for a delicious starter, lunch or snack! They’re healthy (the cheese is made from milk, that’s healthy, right?) and versatile – you can fill them with whatever you want! This recipe is a yummy vegetarian dish, perfect for your veggie dinner guests! You can add whatever filling you like to bell peppers, be it olives, mushrooms, onions or something else, so they’re super easy to personalise to your taste.


3 Bell Peppers

1 tbsp Olive Oil

2 Garlic Cloves

150g Long Grain Rice

450ml Vegetable Stock

1 bunch Spring Onions

50g Pine nuts

100g Cherry Tomatoes

100g Mozzarella

100g Gorgonzola

Handful Fresh Herbs

  1. I started by slicing the tops off the peppers and put to one side. I removed the seeds and rinsed the pepper out. 
  2. I placed the oil, garlic and pine nuts into in a large ovenproof dish and stirred together. I then cooked on HIGH MICROWAVE for 2 mins.
  3. I then added the rice and hot stock, covered and cooked on HIGH MICROWAVE for 12 mins.
  1. I allowed the rice to cool slightly and then stirred in the spring onions, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, gorgonzola and herbs, seasoning the mixture well. Feel free to add any other ingredients such as olives or mushrooms.
  1. Now the exciting part, I used a spoon to stuff the mixture into the peppers and arrange them closely together in the ovenproof dish.
  1. I then cooked the stuffed peppers on CONVECTION 200ºC + GRILL 2 + LOW MICROWAVE for 10 -12 mins.


And there you have it, enjoy!



  • Reply Amy Taylor August 11, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Love how you show step-by-step images makes the process seem a lot simpler! I’ve never tried these so look forward to giving them a go!

    • Reply Alice August 14, 2017 at 2:23 pm

      Ah thank you! Enjoy 🙂

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