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I’m a big snacker. I can eat the most wholesome healthy meals of all, but my downfall is definitely my 3 pm snacking habit. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay good with it being Christmas too! I am always on the hunt for diet-friendly snacks and chocolate bar alternatives so when Popcorn Shed got in touch and asked me if I’d like a try a few of their gourmet flavours which are less that 120 calories, I couldn’t say no.

Popcorn Shed is a new brand to me, and I thank the lord I’ve discovered it, and here’s why.

The brand’s mission is to rewrite the rules of snacks. They’re encouraging us to say goodbye to boring, tasteless popcorns. According to them their gourmet popcorn tastes better than any of their competition, is beautifully branded and their pack formats are both unique and eye-catching. Popcorn shed incorporate texture into their popcorn through chunks of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, in order to maximise the taste of our popcorn and enhance ‘mouth feel’.

I was extremely excited when I received my package full of goodies to give them a whirl and introduce them to my 3 pm snack time. I received the following flavours.

– Pecan Pie
– Sweet Cheesus
– Butterly Nuts
– Pop ‘n’ Choc
– Salted Caramel
– Berry-Licious
– Say Cheese

These flavours are wild! Flavours I had no idea could work so well with together popcorn. I was a little apprehensive about how cheese would compliment the corn and how a traditionally savoury snack could be turned to a sweet snack. But, I was open to it and tried them all. I was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s start in order of my favourite to least favourite, but they were all super yummy and snacks I wouldn’t say no to in the future.

1. Pop ‘n’ Choc

Popcorn Shed’s Pop N Choc popcorn has a double whammy of chocolate accompanied by a smooth cocoa-infused caramel base. Every kernel is topped with yummy, smooth Belgian milk chocolate giving you a delicious chocolate taste experience. I seriously loved this flavour, who knew chocolate would work so well popcorn?! This flavour again really satisfied my sweet tooth and were lovely with a cup of tea.

2. Salted Caramel

Sea-salted buttery caramel with velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate. Popcorn Shed’s gourmet popcorn is suitable for vegetarians and completely gluten-free. Each monster mushroom kernel is air popped to create fluffy popcorn that is then lightly coated with a delicious caramel and then… drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate, enhancing flavour and mouth-feel. I bet you can start to see a theme going on here, I have a major sweet tooth! The caramel literally melted in the mouth, again going hand in hand with my afternoon coffee.

3. Berry-Licious

This is a magical mixture of fruity tart raspberry and indulgent smooth rich dark chocolate. Each monster mushroom kernel is air popped to create fluffy popcorn that is then lightly coated with Raspberry flavoured caramel and real freeze dried raspberries and then lavishly coated in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate and raspberry work really well together anyway so I knew these would be scrumptious. I actually create this combo in my oats on a morning, I decided to bung a few bits of this flavoured popcorn in and it was a truly wonderful creation.

4. Butterly Nuts

The rich creamy peanut butter caramel with nutty notes topped with real peanut halves for an irresistible crunch. Each monster mushroom kernel is air popped to create fluffy popcorn that is then lightly coated with a delicious peanut butter caramel and then we add Peanuts! Peanut butter and caramel? Mixed together?! On popcorn?! Orgasmicly good.

5. Sweet Cheesus

So, this is a premium take on the classic ‘Sweet and Salty’ combo! Indulgent real cheddar cheese and sweet, buttery caramel gourmet popcorn. I was bewildered that two of my favourite things, cheese and chocolate tasted so damn good together.

7. Say Cheese

Deliciously rich, ripe and creamy mature cheddar cheese popcorn. This sharp cheesy flavour is ridiculously addictive and tangy, which is perhaps why it won a Great Taste Award in 2018. These taste super cheesy and a little bit like mini cheddars!

8. Pecan Pie

Nutty, buttery, smooth caramel with golden roasted pecans giving you a textural sensation and nutty crunch.

I absolutely loved my Popcorn Shed delivery! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the flavours and would definitely recommend. The products are all really reasonably priced too. You can buy online here, or you can find them in Co-Op.

*This is a collaborative post.


  • Mel December 12, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Oh wow! They sound so yummy! ESP the salted caramel. I love popcorn!


  • pinkserenityx December 12, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    omg wow the variety of flavours sound amazing! Need to give them a go x x

  • Kelly-Anne December 13, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Oh Alice these looks soooo good. Not sure about the cheese ones though. It would be out if my comfort zone I think

    • Alice December 13, 2018 at 1:36 pm

      Don’t knock em’ they’re good!

  • Gemma December 14, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    These all sound heavenly! I love the idea of trying out the cheese ones!! X

  • Rosie Ireland December 21, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    these popcorn flavours sound delicious!!

  • Katrina Frances December 29, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    This popcorn sounds delicious and is so different from the usual flavours you see in the supermarket.
    I love the sound of Pop N Choc & Salted Caramel…how delicious! x

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