PIZZASTORM – Foodie Review

Eeek the weekend already, these weeks are flying. How are you all? My weeks been pretty good-ish! I’m still going strong with my diet and exercise, and still haven’t had any alcohol either! For the love of gin!!!! I deserve a medal. I lost 5lbs last week which I’m over the moon about, somethings working for me… finally! I honestly think a huge part of it has to do with the fact I’ve been hand preparing all my meals. Cooking things from scratch has opened my eyes to what actually goes into my meals, as well as carbs and sugar! Learning about macros aka macro nutrients has also made me realise what a balanced diet really is too. All good in the hood!

I started my week at PizzaStorm for tea last Monday night! I bloody love pizza, I honestly do but pizza is only for cheat day and guess what, yup you guessed it, Monday was not cheat day. BUT, all hail PizzaStorm for adding SALADS to their menu. It took a lot to not dive into their cheese selection believe me, but I did it, I stayed strong and on track. GO ME!

I went along with my friend Ashleigh around 6ish and we were welcomed with open arms from the stores management. This is my second visit to PizzaStorm, since I was luckily enough to try it back in January with intu Eldon Square for their eating out healthy incentive, you can check out that review here. Again, with that ‘healthy eating’ in mind, I was excited to see how their menu has improved and developed since that first visit, when they’d first opened in the city.

The staff were amazing as ever, you can’t beat friendly and enthusiastic staff can you?! I think manors are a huge part of any service wherever you are, whether it be in a restaurant or in a shop. We were told about the menu, what’s new and what’s hot, prices and how PizzaStorm works. If you haven’t been to PizzaStorm before, let me tell you how it works… you get to create your own pizza or, now salad, with an unlimited amount of fresh toppings with no nasty over the top cost at the end! Within the Newcastle Store, the theme and decor feels very American, an up market dinner is what I mean by that. It’s the perfect atmosphere for after work, very relaxing, the lights are low, music is chilled.

There is such a huge selection of toppings available for pizza and ingredients for salads, I was very impressed! Ashleigh went for a pizza and I went for a salad. She’s a cheese lover just like me so went all in with the cheese, plenty of mozzarella, tomato garlic and pepperoni, it was delicious, according to her. What I like about the pizzas here, are the fact it’s thin crust and you know it’s all freshly made in front of your eyes! You even get to see it the huge pizza oven they have, it’s amaze.

So what was the salad like I here you ask? REALLY NICE! I had a mixture of spinach, rocket and lettuce, a pinch of mozzarella, red and green chilies, tomatoes, red onion, pesto, garlic, a few croutons, salami and chicken. A really random mix I know but it worked so well! It was super tasty and very filling, although I did go for the large salad. The ingredients/toppings are all fresh, you can just taste the freshness if you know what I mean? Nothing’s dry, meaning they must change them every few hours so nothing is standing for ages. I honestly really enjoyed it, it wasn’t even torture watching Ashleigh devour her pizza ha!

PizzaStorm has a large selection of sodas, you know those big fancy automatic machines and a range of homemade juices so plenty to choose from. For dessert you can get UNLIMITED ice cream, how unreal is that please?! (Note to self: GO BACK ON CHEAT DAY!) and toppings. I must also mention that if you’re the undecided type, you can choose a pizza from their Classic range too, therefore there really is something for everyone at PizzaStorm.

Overall, I had another lovely night at PizzaStorm and will be returning with the other half on cheat day to go ALL out. I can not recommend the place enough so if you’re in Newcastle and on a budget head to PizzaStorm for affordable and yummy pizzas! For £8.45, for all pizzas, no matter how many toppings you can not go wrong!

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