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I love burgers. Big burgers, juicy burgers, skinny burgers… I love em’ all, but something that really gets me going is creative burgers. By creative I mean, imaginative and that’s the only word I can use to describe Handmade Burger Co’s menu when I visited their new restaurant last week in Grey’s Quarter intu Eldon Square. I’d never been to a Handmade Burger Co before so I didn’t quite know what to expect from their dishes, I’d obviously heard great things about the place before so I was really looking forward to see what magic they could make with a good old burger.

I went down last Saturday lunch time and it was really busy, which is always a good thing lets be honest as it means the place is popular. Me and my boyfriend were greeted by the manager who lead us to a quiet area of the restaurant which was by the window over looking Eldon Square… a pretty picture and a perfect view for people watching (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy?! HAHA!). The decor of the place is rustic, modern yet old style western american dinner feel. It was nice to be away from the buzzing atmosphere, the hustle and bustle. Meaning me and my boyfriend could have a catch up in peace. Our waitress then made her way over, talking us through the menu, sides, letting us browse and taking our drinks order, she was really friendly – couldn’t help us enough.

After much deliberation, we finally decided. There was just SO much choice, each burger sounded really yummy. I went for the Avocado and Bacon Burger, on it was the original HBC burger relish, hand crushed avocado, smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion. I’ve never actually had avocado on a burger but I’ve been desperate to try since I’ve seen it on a few different menus recently. My boyfriend went for the HBC Double Cheese Burger which is basically two beef patties, mature cheddar, smoked bacon, smoky barbecue relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion. For sides, I went for the Seasoned Fresh Cut Chips with Rosemary Salt and J also went for the seasoned chips but had Cajun spice. We waited a short while then dinner was served.

First lets talk about the presentation of the burgers, I was wow’d. They looked amazing, the double cheese burger was oozing with melted cheese I probably could have just stole it right off my boyfriends plate. And my Avocado dream definitely came true, I could see the Avocado had been mushed then spread on the patty then it has saturated on the other ingredients. Also, lets not forget the how the chips looked… delightful.

Now onto the taste! Just as I thought, yummy. My burger was jam packed full of fresh flavours, I couldn’t believe I’d never tried avocado with a burger before now… what a combination!! It was so tasty and also light, which is some what an alternative opinion for a burger, usually a burger is heavy and greasy but this was the complete opposite so it’s a 10 from me. After about 20 minutes of my boyfriend being in a food related coma, of which was just him mmm-ing as his taste buds spoke. I honestly couldn’t get a word out of him, it was like he was in awe at the burger. The bacon was cooked to perfection, it was meaty not full of burnt fat. The burger itself was chunky and flavorsome, complimented by the tangy cheddar. The seasoned chips went down a treat with us also, the rosemary wasn’t over powering, another freshening taste to the mix. However the cajun chips were super spicy and not for the faint heart-ed.

By this point we were stuffed, but did have a little extra room for dessert of which we decided to share the Brownie & Waffle Sundae. Literal dessert heaven in a jar. Imagine a toffee sundae from McDonald’s, but 10x better with chunky chocolaty brownies and a smidge bit of waffle. The vanilla ice cream was creamy and thick but the toffee syrup added an extra sweetness to the mix… now I was really full.

All in all, an amazing visit to Handmade Burger Co. I am so impressed by their selection of recipes in fact I’d probably say one of the best menus I’ve seen in a while! I intend on trying the Blue Cheese & Bacon Burger next time I’m around for sure. Price wise, standard tag for a burger these days is between £6-10 so these guys are just in the middle of that spectrum which is incredibly good value for money considering the meat and dishes.

A huge thank you to Handmade Burger Co Newcastle team for inviting me a long, and to the manager.

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