Grainger Christmas Night Market

dsc_0383So the 1st December marked the opening of the Christmas Markets in Newcastle, in particular the famous Grainger Market hosted a Christmas night market which was the first event of its kind, encouraging regular and new customers to buy local this Christmas. Me and my boyfriend went along to see what goodies we could get our hands on and to get in the festive mood! Grainger market first opened its doors in October 1835, holding a lot of history… but we’ll touch on that later on in this post! *exciting*

It started at 5pm but I didn’t arrive till around half 7ish and it was in full swing, they had a wonderful young girl with a stunning voice singing lots of Christmas tunes and the crowds were merry, dancing around taking in the joyful atmosphere, echoing around the place. They had entertainment on all night there but I only got to see the one act preform during my time there. There was a cultured range and variety of food stands available for a mulled wine or two and a mince pie. Grainger market holds some Newcastle’s foodie hotspots including The French Oven, Fez Food, Le Petite Creperie which was rammed packed may I add, Pet Lamb Patisserie and La Casa Delicatessen so there was lots to choose from but I settled for a crepe which was amazing! The market shops were offering a number of special promotions and discounts from stalls including 20% off most. Ellen’s cosmetics were offering free makeovers and face painting for kids plus VJW jewellery were hosting a jewellery making class, these just to name a few.

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Ok, I bet you’re dying to know this history secret I mentioned… Did you know that Grainger market has two survived air raid shelters underneath the floor of the market? Me either. They’re hidden very well but the event organisers at the market decided to open the doors for one night only for a special tour whom only VIP’s had access too. The steps start at the market floor but soon unwind down to the unknown, luckily I got the chance to have a tour and a nose around at the remains. We went down with a tour guide whom was around at the time of world war 2 so he had a great knowledge of the market and surrounding areas, explaining his theories behind the architecture, how and when he thought they’d been built showing us youngsters what’s what. It was fascinating, and also very dark, damp and claustrophobic, I don’t know how I would have coped back in them days.

After browsing the market which was amazing may I add, we decided to have a stroll to Monument in Newcastle City Centre a short walk away from Grainger Market and looked at what the others stalls had to offer. I couldn’t not buy a pick and mix from this stall… how fantastic.

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I had a great time and feel in the Christmas mood now, have you been to any Christmas Markets near you?

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