Galettes at CrêpeAffaire – Foodie Review

So on Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited down to CrêpeAffaire! CrêpeAffaire recently opened in Newcastle within the new Greys Quarter in intuEldon Square.

The company, CrêpeAffaire itself has been up and running since 2004, since then its been a hit! They’ve expanded to locations all over the UK including London, Cardiff, Leeds and many more. Crêpeaffaire is a place where you can enjoy freshly prepared crêpes (or pancakes as some may say), whatever your craving, at any time of the day.  There’s a sweet and savoury selection, whether you’re after a quick lunch or a sweet snack, you decide what you want and they’ll prepare it.

I love Crêpes, they’re my ultimate favourite dessert. I love them lathered in Nutella AND cookie dough to be precise. I don’t indulge on them often but when I do, I go all out. So, you could say I was rather looking forward to my visit!

Since the holiday season is over for a few months (we go to Mexico in September eeek!), I’ve been back on my hunt for my abs that are currently hibernating under a layer of fat *rolls eyes*. I’ve been limiting my treats to weekends only too, it’s all about choices isn’t it, plus having a balanced diet. I was super thrilled to hear that CrêpeAffaire is now catering for everyone’s needs including people who are gluten free! So I decided to try CrêpeAffaire’s Galettes!

I arrived at CrêpeAffaire around 6ish, still, the place was buzzing with young and old! I was welcomed in by the manager Dan, who I’d just like to say was so lovely and very friendly he had the qualities of someone you want to be served by!! He explained to me that I could essentially order anything from the menu I was after bar a few like the apple crumble crepe which includes dairy, you know and the likes. It was really hard choosing two crepes, in the end, I went for sweet and savoury… I wanted to give both sides ago and not sicken myself!

The savoury one I went for was the Super Veg crepe, which is basically a combo of tomato, spinach, mozzarella and mushroom. The galette, to make it gluten free, is made from buckwheat. I was very weary that the crepe might not taste the same but honestly, had on heart (not just saying this), it tasted so amazing. I’ve never had a savoury style crepe before yet it was so flavoursome and filling! It’s a yes from me for savoury, the selection they have for savoury too is jam packed I was so shocked to see so many creative recipes on the menu.

The sweet, however, was kinda’ my own mix, I just wanted Nutella and strawberries! Which was no problem of course because you can actually make your own crepe. Again, worried the base wouldn’t taste the same or mix well with the Nutella… I was wrong! I couldn’t taste the difference between a normal crepe and these Galettes… CrêpeAffaire has done so well to create this gluten-free recipe!

Both Galettes were incredibly tasty and I can not recommend enough! I washed them both down with a freshly squeezed orange and Latte. Just look at that Latte art too?! What more could you want! CrêpeAffaire offers a wide range of coffees and fresh juices, including smoothies too. You can’t beat the value for money either, prices range from £3.60 to £6.70.

I’d definitely recommend CrêpeAffaire, and urge you all, if there’s a chain near you… get yourself there ASAP if you have a sweet tooth. Huge thank you to the Newcastle team for looking after me, I had a wonderful visit.

Have you been to CrêpeAffaire before?


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