Dinning Out and Staying Healthy with Intu Eldon Square & Pizza Storm

Monday again! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Monday feels like the start of new beginnings doesn’t it, everyone does always say ‘oh I’ll do it on Monday’ or ‘I’ll start on Monday’ like it’s a fresh start and that’s usually the day when we start our diets, Monday. Since the new year I’ve been taking the gym seriously again as well has the healthy eating, I have a few major holidays coming up this year and I want to look my best! So, when the team at intu Eldon Square got in touch to say they were hosting a healthy eating evening at their new Grey’s Quarter block I couldn’t say no. Lets face it, when we eat out for food we indulge don’t we? And I’ve certainly been indulging when I’ve been visiting the new Grey’s Quarter since there are so many new and exciting restaurants to try. I was interested to see what the event was going to offer me and where I could possibly eat healthy, the jist of the event was that we’d all meet up then go off and try a different place to eat.

 On Wednesday I headed down to Eldon Square with my friend Ashleigh where we met up with a few other North East Bloggers and started the night at Giraffe of which is also a new addition to Newcastle City Centre. Giraffe is a restaurant that offers a world of spices and colours, sizzles and smells. We started by making smoothies from their menu, discovering exactly what was in the recipes highlighting the fact that they were all fresh and not jammed packed full of the bad sugars you read about these days in smoothies. Ruth from PrettyLittleGymAddict with her creation which was super tasty!

Once we’d finished going through the fruity delights, we then had the big reveal of which restaurant we’d be eating at. Oh the anticipation…We got PizzaStorm! I mean, I was thrilled because Pizza is kinda’ my favourite food ever but I was thinking how on earth are they going to make a pizza healthy. PizzaStorm is basically the UK revision of MOD pizza, if you haven’t already that review you can here. Except PizzaStorm is pretty different, the brand was created from a group of inspired food lovers who all had the same vision to bring fast & fresh pizza to the UK in double quick-time. After their initial idea, they gathered the worlds pizza experts and made them into a team who are at ‘the top of the toppings, put the ‘oh’ in dough and create the tastiest pizzas in town.’  The concept of the business is to allow the consumer to create their own fresh pizza in the blink of an eye, letting us as the customer taste buds loose.

Me and Ashleigh headed to PizzaStorm and met the store manager whom could not have been more helpful. He give us some backgound on the place, communicated the brand values and then handed us an apron and some gloves, explaining we were about to get our hands dirty…literally making our own pizzas (Please note, customers don’t normally actually make the pizzas they do just request what they want ha!). We were then educated that yes, a pizza can actually be under 550 calories and healthy. I was stunned, the pizza in question is an upping coming recipe which is being added to all PizzaStorm menus around the UK very soon, hand crafted by their chiefs. It’s basically made up of a tomato base, then a few dollops of ricotta, courgette, spinach, a hint of garlic, rocket, balsamic vinegar and oregano. It sounded amazing! So I got cracking, behind the counter making then Ashleigh created her own ‘healthy pizza’ I put it like that as she did put a few different cheeses on there haha! I was amazed at how many toppings there were to offer, 50 in fact, all fresh, exciting and well loved classic toppings.

So the making was done, now it was time to become a proffesional pizza maker and seal the deal by putting our creations in the huge pizza oven which was a lot scarier and harder than it looks, believe me. Ashleigh was feeling courageous and was showing off… flipping and moving the pizzas around while I sat back and waited haha. If you’re wondering what the metal is within the pizzas, it’s a number so when they get busy they know who’s pizza it is… crafty.

Within 5/10 minutes the pizzas were ready, we grabbed a drink from the huge selection… shakes, a posh fizzy drink dispenser and cordial juice dispenser of which we went for since we were trying to stay healthy, I had elder flower and apple water which was so refreshing.

We took a seat and tucked in. My healthy pizza was super scrumptious, in fact it was better than Ashleigh’s bog standard cheese and meat feast spectacular. The flavours combined created an explosion of taste in my mouth together as I made my way through it. I’m never usually a fan off courgette so who knew it would go perfectly with on a pizza with spinach and tomato… yummy! I was so fully by the time we’d done since all their pizzas are 11 inches.

I LOVED PizzaStorm and will certainly be back again, for cheat day AND when I’m trying to be healthy. For £8.45, for all pizzas, no matter how many toppings is an absolute bargain. I had a brilliant night at intu Eldon Square Greys Quarter so a huge thank you to their team for opening my eyes to all of the healthy food options plus PizzaStorm for being so helpful and educational about healthy pizzas.

Are you good at staying healthy whilst dining out?


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  • Ashleigh January 22, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Haha cheeky bugger!
    Was amazing food like, you just didn’t like the hot sauce I had on haha.
    Defo go back here

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