Why I Love Being Apart Of The Cosmetic Surgery Generation

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Yes, you read that title correctly, I love being apart of a society where cosmetic procedures are acceptable and almost normalised. Everyone gets surgery these days, right? According to data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the number of cosmetic operations conducted last year fell 40% to a near-decade low from a record-breaking high in 2015. Which if I’m totally honest, I’m shocked at.
I make absolutely no effort to try and hide the fact that I’ve had a breast augmentation, because why should I? I absolutely love my boobs now. I’ve done a few posts on here in the past about my journey and got a mass amount of feedback from other young girls, who felt the same as I did, unsure about whether to make the decision of getting a boob job. Just to recap, if you missed those posts, I lost weight and lost my boobs. Simple as that, they were making me unhappy, I was at a point in my life where I felt confident about my body image, but one thing I hated was my breasts. They were saggy, tubular and I was forced to wear socks down my bra, they were that unfulfilled. Bearing in mind, I was only 19 at the time. The prime time of my life as they call it! So I changed that and now I could not be happier with my figure and especially how my boobs look.

And that’s what I love about the generation I’m in, if somethings not making us happy, we change it. I’ve found that younger people, understand my reasoning behind my breast augmentation so much better than those who are older. SOOO many women have turned their face at me when I’ve told them, I presume they envy my courage and my enthusiasm about cosmetic surgery.

I saw a tweet the other day and it was a journalist request, looking for someone who’s been influenced by social media to get surgery. I thought about whether I was, and yes is probably the answer to that. But in a good way. Not because I wanted to look a certain way, not because I wanted to look like Jodie Marsh or pursue a career in glamour modelling, (although if I ever lose my job it’s something to consider HA!), it was because I saw how confident women were because they improved themselves. Vicky Pattinson is someone who I really admired at the time, she herself like me had lost a lot of weight and decided to get a boob job for similar reasons to me. She really looked AMAZING after she got hers done, and I saw the glow she had about her. I could really relate to her body struggles. But that’s not to say I wanted to be like her and that’s why I went ahead with my surgery because it wasn’t, I did it for me. Not to look a certain way, to feel better about me and to love my body.

Social media gets a lot of the blame for young people and cosmetic surgery, I get it, I really do and I worry that the even younger generations are feeling extreme pressures to look a certain way just because Kylie Jenner does. A study of 2,000 patients was undertaken by Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeon  Dr Julian de Silva which revealed that the average age of women undergoing procedures has dropped to below the age of 40 for the first time ever (down to 39 from 42). More millennials are going under the knife than ever before. I think this will drop even more in a couple of years time as it becomes more and more normalised and dare I say it, easy, to get surgery. The media’s view of how a woman should look changes, almost every year, but all of these images have something in common, they’re all skinny and beautiful.

I’ve also recently had lip fillers. I’ve been getting fillers in my lips for years now, I’d say on average once every year since I was eighteen. See, I can indulge in cosmetic procedures and not get obsessed. Which I think some people think happens as soon as you start getting work done to yourself, you become self-absorbed and on the pursuit of looking like a Barbie doll and I’m here to say, I’m not one of those people. I get my lips done because I have literally no top lip so when I smile I’m kinda’ all gum. Totally not cute. Therefore, I get 1ml in every now and again. It really boosts my confidence!

I understand there are many risks associated with surgery and non-surgical procedures, plus I know that young girls can be brainwashed by the media and public figures. I just wanted to share my reasons and that I’m not someone who followed the trend just because everyone else was. I did it for me. For my self-esteem. It’s not for everyone, but why be unhappy with your body when you can change it? That might sound like I’m really encouraging people to get surgery, but I would always and only encourage it for the RIGHT reasons. Do what makes YOU happy!

If anyone has any questions, please do feel free to private message me.

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  • Reply Cora @ Tea Party Princess October 13, 2017 at 10:53 am

    If I didn’t have a needle phobia, I would absolutely get work done.
    You do you, as long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone I don’t see any issues with it.
    Cora ❤ http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

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