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I don’t know about anyone else but have you noticed the rock chick look is back in fashion? And it’s back with vengeance. I love this look, not only because I’d say black is a very flattering colour for me but also because it’s totally acceptable to wear big baggy T’s and not look like a tramp. There’s just something about the leather, PVC and fishnet that screams not only rock but 90’s punk. It really is true what they say about fashion recycling itself?!

Band T’s have always been fashionable, associated with slogan T-shirts and let’s be honest is there really anything better than shoving a pair of jeans on with a cute T and your baseball boots?! I’m going out on Friday night and its a dressy causal occasion therefore I’m on the hunt for a nice top or maybe even a new pair of jeans… the struggle is real for me on this one since I can’t do in-between casual or dressy, I’m either causal or I’m dressy?!

I haven’t been on Boohoo for ages since eBay has been my go to for cheap fashion recently, so when I finally did have a browse on Boohoo I was so shocked at how great their ‘NEW IN’ range has suddenly gotten. I’m seriously diggin’ their efforts and up to date-ness with new styles… Kinda’ want it all. So anyway, with the rock chick look in mind I found out what Boohoo has to offer for this style and these are my top picks!

My favourite is look number six, let’s start with the skirt… I love love love the detailing, this looks super flattering on and would on any figure because of the thick material plus x pattern covering the midriff. And then the T, the acid wash contrasting with the black creates the perfect chic look plus the offer shoulder on the arm design is also a complimenting choice of style, especially for me who doesn’t particularly adore my arm shape… very slimming.

Anyone else all about this look right now?

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