The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Bedroom Fashion

Do you put much thought into what you wear when you are in bed? Like most of us, you probably don’t! But I think it’s time to change all that and bring some style and sophistication into the boudoir. Feeling fantastic between the sheets can help you drift off and enjoy a great night’s sleep. So, how exactly do you turn your bedroom into a catwalk? Here are some great tips that you need to know!

Always Remove Your Makeup

First of all, before you finish in the bathroom and get into bed, you need to take off all your makeup. Even if you are desperate to get into bed, this is something you need to do! I can’t stress just how important it is that you use your makeup remover before you get into bed. Otherwise, you will stain your bedsheets, and the pores on your skin will clog up. This will cause breakouts of spots and pimples, and your skin will likely go quite red and blotchy. And that’s no look for the red carpet!

Plait Your Hair

If you have particularly long hair, it’s a good idea to either wear it in a ponytail or plait it before you get into bed. Firstly, it will stop all your long hair going all over – no one wants to wake up with a face full of hair! But it can also help keep your hair healthy. When you sleep with your hair loose, you risk getting split ends. If you do prefer to wear your hair loose in bed, you should get some silk pillowcases. These are gentler on your hair than cotton pillowcases and won’t cause quite as much damage.

Comfort Is King

It is crucial to be comfortable in bed. Otherwise, you will find it very hard to get to sleep! That means you need to make sure your pyjamas and nightwear aren’t too tight or rough on your skin. Lots of girls tend to buy very fashionable or sexy nightwear even though it isn’t the comfiest. To ensure you get a great night’s sleep, look for your nightwear from brands that make stylish and comfortable items, such as Knicker Locker. You’ll be able to find some great pyjamas and nighties suitable for the different seasons.

Stylish Bed Linen

Now that we look good, it’s important that our bed looks stylish as well. Time to think about bed linen! As I’ve already mentioned, silk sheets and pillowcases will be good for your hair, and they will also help you feel like a princess in bed! Try and match your quilt cover to your bedroom’s decor so that it doesn’t clash. If you want to add some extra colour to your bed, you can do so by throwing on some cushions and a throw or blanket. If you want to be extra fashionable why not try and match your pyjamas to your bed clothes?!

Why end a stylish day when you get into bed? You can now carry it on through the night!

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