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So on my quest for the perfect bras for my new boobs, I recently came across Katherine Hamilton Intimate bras. Katherine Hamilton Intimates idea, when the business began was to incorporate the delicate details of French vintage lingerie into a line that served the modern woman and her active lifestyle. By modern I think the brand means curvious women, I’m not going to say ‘real women’ because some woman are blessed with fast metabolisms and tiny waists whereas others (like me!) weren’t so lucky but are REAL women. Katherine Hamilton and the team have created their ranges with only the best materials, keeping up with ever changing fashion technology and making lingerie that works for full-busted women in every stage of their lives. Their first step whilst developing their ranges was to look at underwires. As cup sizes scale up, underwires tend to scale wider. For most women who wear larger cup sizes, these underwires tend to be too wide (and not supportive). They came to the conclusion that what fuller busted women needed weren’t underwires that were wider, but underwires that were more narrow and allowed for deeper cups. They are the first bra retailers on the market to do this, the have revolutionized bra design for is big breasted ladies. Every underwire in a Katherine Hamilton bra has been designed and fit tested exclusively on a full range of women who represent all sizes and shapes.

The material of the bras are only the finest fabrics including lace and silk, which create the channel of the romantic look of vintage lingerie pieces. Having said that, the designers at Katherine Hamilton have crafted the bras to not only have the classic lingerie look but have a modern body for the women of today who are on the go, girl power! The bras are described as an investment, something I agree with due to the prices BUT you really do pay for the quality I can vouch for that. Personally I think the bras can be ‘two tone’ and by that I mean one, they go well under a smart shirt for the office but also can be sexy for a nightime… if you know what I mean.


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I was lucky enough to be able to try the Ivory Sophia Bra, this is a non padded bra which I’m loving right now. As I’ve mentioned before extra padding can really make me look a little like Dolly Parton, my boobs sometimes take over my outfits and it’s not a bad thing because I’m all for flaunting my boobs (christ, I paid enough to be able to do that) but when I’m wearing a shirt especially it can be difficult to actually fasten the top. The design of the bra is new to the range and combines a seamless and rounded silhouette which is overlaid by a silk quarter cup that promotes forward projection and lift of which I can agree with. The bra fits so snuggly, I received a 32FF which fit’s perfectly around the roundess of my breasts. The cup is very comfortable and the lace detailing isn’t aggravating or itchy either, my breasts simply fill the cup out. I was interested to see how the underwire would support as it’s around the breast root which is securely under the arm not making it uncomfortable at all. The underwire shapes the cups almost, showing off what looks like a balconette style.


The straps are thick and secure plus are fully adjustable and round the back is a three hooks to fasten making the support around the back sturdy and supportive. Comfort wise this bra is spot on, the straps donโ€™t feel heavy with the weight of my breasts, they just rest on my shoulders with no uneasy digging in feeling. I wore the bra once to work and during the day, I had no bother with it meaning it was practical and once under a dress, again it gave me the full coverage, hoisting my boobs up right (not that they need to be put up right as they barely move ha!) completing my outfit. I can’t recommend this bra enough! Pay day where you at so I can get another one?!


*This post contains PR samples




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