The Biggest Trends For Spring 2018

Sometimes it can feel as though the moment the new year rings in the magic of winter fades away and is replaced with excitement for the spring and summer to come. When The days get longer, the weather is much better and we can stop dressing up like the Michelin man, it is where style really comes into its own.

1980 Comeback

Throughout the years you will always see popular eras being reinvented to fit the time, and this year it will be the 1980s which are getting a 2018 revamp. By showing off strong shoulders, nipped waists and long legs, you will feel like a woman of power and stature in this world. There are lots of online stores such as Billabong which are offering some great style choices this year


This year it’s not about the cute boots and flats of last year, it’s all about sneakers. Expect to see everyone walking around in cute little sneaker and making the most of a practical shoe for a change. It’s a much more comfortable year fashion wise than when we had to wear those pinhead high heels!

Trouser suits

We are thinking about the powerful woman of the 80’s here with shoulder pads, vertical stripes and a nipped in waist prepare to see women meaning business throughout the world this year.

Pencil Skirts

We are bringing back that air of femininity with sleek, feminine pencil skirts this year. Make the most of your curves and show them off in a stunning grey or bold red skirt matched with a light blouse. Stay sleek and elegant with the style this year, show the world what you are made of.


In a way, the style this year is putting a middle finger up to the style of 2017 and flipping it on its head. Instead of having off the shoulder styles which were very popular last year. We are going BIG on the shoulders. Strong shoulder pads, raised shoulders on blouses and frills will be ever present in this years style. We are saying goodbye to the girly style and hello to the strong woman.

Loud Logos

You may remember what the style was like back in the 80’s with the band t shirts and shirts with the logo SLAPPED on the front in a bold statement… well that’s exactly what is coming back this year. What a perfect opportunity to show off the shirt you bought from Versace by having the name hit people on the face as they walk by.

Summer Plaid

We are going in with the gingham and the pastel plaid design this year. Expect to see lots of cute skirts, plaid vests and play suits in this pattern. It is a style which is fun and you can really pair it with anything for any occasion, so why not join in?


As with the rise of natural items and the vegan culture, we are seeing a lot more clothing which is adorned with stunning flowers and elements of nature. Make the most of floral prints this year by paring them with a light pair of jeans and sneakers.


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    Those trends sound really interesting, I can’t wait to implement them in my wardrobe! And btw, your insta is stunning xx

    • Reply Alice January 30, 2018 at 9:25 am

      Thanks lovely x

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