SS17 Fashion Trends with Primark

Last week, was like really hot! I hope wherever you were, the sun was shining and the heat was as clammy as it was up here in the North East.

I was TOTALLY unprepared for the heat wave and spent most of the week uncomfortably sweaty. One day, of which felt like the hottest day of my life,  I forgot my mini deodorant I usually keep in my handbag then, I burnt my hands on my leather car steering wheel. I just kept thinking to myself is this what going to work in Spain is like during the summer, because oh my god I seriously couldn’t cope, even with a siesta that they so luckily get. My body is not made for hot weather and neither is my weave, of which felt like a scarf wrapped round my neck. I’m moaning about it now, but I’m really missing the sun and warmth since the rain and grey skies are back haha!

When I say I was unprepared for the heat, I meant I had no summer clothes. I just haven’t had the time recently, what with travelling all over the place these past two months, to actually get new clothes for the summer… plus I’ve been skint due to travelling to! Payday finally came around on Friday and I decided that it was a necessity to buy new clothes for myself… any excuse really.

One thing you’ve probably noticed about me if you follow me on social media and follow my outfit posts, is that mainly, all of my clothes are from Primark and I’m really not ashamed to say it. Primark will forever be my go to shop and it’s not because I’m on a budget or anything like that, I could have a million pound sitting in the bank yet I would always go to Primark. It’s my favourite shop! When people ask me where I get my clothes from, they look so shocked when I tell them Primark and their reply is always “I can never find anything nice in there”. Well hun, where have you been looking?! I literally have to contain my self when I’m there because if I really wanted to do, I could probably spend hundreds. Maybe I’m just lucky with timings or whatever because I always find the new ranges.

One thing I will say is that Primark is disposable fashion, but that’s why it’s so cheap… you’re on trend without having to break the bank. Every other online store is these days, because I can’t say even when I buy from online shops the quality is any better! So anyway, I headed down to my local Primark at the weekend and got some absolute bargains including this gorgeous embroidered dress for just £10! I would link to it but they don’t do online which is a good and bad thing, good for my bank account, bad for when I need something urgently.

Florals and embroidery are really in this season and I’m loving it. Who What Wear reported that for florals, “rad in colouration, scale, fabrication and mood that designers thought it best to go full throttle in full blooms from head to toe—shoes included” It almost feels 70’s doesn’t it?! The embroidery on my dress is really thickly lined under the linen material of the shirt dress. It’s very cool meaning no hot sweats for me thank god, and airy which was fabulous after eating half the BBQ at a family gathering on Sunday. The rest of my outfit is again, all from Primark but mainly last seasons like the glasses and gladiator sandals! Sorry ladies! But I do suggest you all go to Primark immediately and get your summer wardrobe.

Do you like Primark?

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