Summer Luxury Accessories Wishlist

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my holiday is fast approaching and I’m having a slight panic attack thinking that it’s literally less than a month away and I’ve not sorted any of my outfits or accessories out!! In my head I’m matching the odd top, shorts, dresses and playsuits I’ve been buying each month but feel like I urgently need a holiday shop! I’ve bought the majority of my swimwear, it’s just the night time outfits I need. I must get round to writing a list ASAP!

With this in mind, I’ve been doing you know the usual browse online and came across a brand new boutique specialising in luxury fashion called Gilmarlab.


  1. The essential bag, the clutch. Since I’m not one for bum bags I always try to find appropriate clutch bags with a little handle but find it extremely difficult to find the right design because I don’t exactly want to be carrying a huge bag on a night out in Zante do I! You can find an ICEBERG shop online at Gilmarlab.


  1. The oversized sunglasses. Weirdly my eyelids burn when I sunbathe so it’s a must for me to have sunglasses on at all time whilst in the sun. I used to get sick of the white rings around my eyes but that’s what concealer is for hey! Plus the bigger the better when I’m in Zante since I’ll be out partying every night.


  1. The airport handbag. Because it’s essential to have an oversized handbag to strut around the airport with, plus where else am I going to store all my celebrity gossip magazines for lazing around the pool.


  1. The low top trainers. Comfy shoes to travel in obvs! Plus I absolutely love the colour of these shoes since pink is my favourite colour. I always take a pair of trainers away with me, you never know when you might get sick of being able to feel the sand in-between your toes.

In collaboration with Gilmarlab

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