Met Gala 2016: What We Learnt with Quiz Clothing


As always, 2016’s Met Gala didn’t disappoint. Forget elevator drama, this year was all about the fashion. The A-list were out in force in an array of glam and glitzy gowns, with only a few falling short of the mark — we’re looking at you Madonna! Now that the dust has settled, here’s what the hottest event in the social calendar has taught us:

Nudes are in

Can we talk about how AMAZING Beyoncé looked? Latex, 80s-inspired shoulders, studs— it shouldn’t have worked but it so did! Bey put her bootylicious curves on display in the figure-hugging Givenchy dress and showed us all why she’s queen. Rumour has it the dress is made from Becky with the Good Hair’s skin… we hope not!

While we’re not quite ready to step out in rubber ourselves, we’ve fallen in love with the nude colour of the gown. Bey wasn’t the only one to rock this shade though — Blake Lively and Amber Heard both kept it neutral. We’ll definitely be including the colour in our summer wardrobe.

Sparkle in sequins

The Gala is only, like, the biggest night in fashion, right? With the world’s most influential celebs walking the red carpet, standing out can be difficult — bring on the sequins!

Loads of fashionistas called on the good-old sequin to help them stand out this year. Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and of course, Kim Kardashian-West were just a few of them — and we definitely have shine envy! We’re raiding Quiz’s range of sequin dresses ASAP to bag that shimmery goodness.

Cut it out

If there was one major trend at the Met Gala 2016, it was cut-outs — they were EVERYWHERE! Everyone’s favourite sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner (sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley), wore them, as did Taylor Swift and mega babe Margot Robbie. All of them opted for gowns with cut-out sides, showing off their amazing figures.

Cut-outs will definitely make the cut when it comes to our summer wardrobe this year. They’re really versatile too, so if you’re not ready to get your sides out, why not choose a cut-out shoulder or neck?  They’re perfect for subtly nailing the trend, without showing too much.

Less is not more

While Kylie, Taylor and Margot fashionably flashed the flesh, other celebs didn’t leave much to the imagination! Madonna wore what can only be described as a black boob-and-bumless cut-out number, complete with strappy over-the-knee boots and a lace bodysuit; revealing a little too much to her adoring public.

Lady Gaga looked like a young Madonna, in a futuristic cut-out bodysuit, fishnet tights and space-age cropped jacket, with towering boots. Come on ladies, we know you have enviable figures but do we really need to see so much of them? We’d love to see them in elegant gowns — maybe next year!

Date night

While we still haven’t forgiven him for breaking up with Perrie, we’ve got to admit that Zayn and Gigi looked adorable on the red carpet. In between exchanging flirty glances and romantic moments, Zayn’s unusual armoured tuxedo jacket perfectly complemented Gigi’s space-age hand clamp. They’re certainly the hottest robots we’ve ever seen!

If you’re heading out on a date night, make sure you and your beau complement. Choose similar tones to make sure you don’t clash.

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*This is a collaborative post with Quiz Clothing.

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