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Although it’s always great to buy a new outfit, we all have a few pieces that we absolutely adore and which we will keep wearing until they wear out. Whether you love your leopard print coat or can’t bear to part with your favorite jeans, maybe you won’t have to – not for many more years, at least.

Providing your favorite pieces are reasonably well-made, there are several things you can do to take care of them and extend their life. Here are some of the easiest to get started with:

Buy Better Hangers

I understand why so many people don’t think twice about buying the cheapest hangers they can find. They don’t seem to be that important after all. However, those cheap hangers we all have hiding in our closets really aren’t the best. When you pay more for a product like velvet hangers, they will help your clothes to keep their shape for longer; they won’t damage the fabric, and your clothes won’t slip and slide to the bottom of your closet, where everyone knows good clothes go to die

Keep Moths at Bay

No matter how well you take care of your clothes, it will be all for naught if those pesky moths decide to make an all you can eat buffet of your wardrobe. Don’t want this to happen? Mix cedar and lavender essential oils with clothes and thyme, and place the mixture into a small pouch or reusable tea bag. Hang these in your closet or place in drawers to deter moths. Bonus: They’ll make your whole wardrobe smell amazing too!

If you still have a problem, you might have to buy some airtight laundry bags to keep them away from your favorite clothes.

Use a Lint Brush

This is particularly important if you have a pet and want to avoid having an outfit that is more fur than fabric, but even if you’re happily pet free, investing in a lint brush is a must. Every morning, give your clothes the once over with the lint brush, and it’ll help to keep your clothes at least looking better.

Avoid the DryeR

I know the dryer is so very convenient, but if you can avoid it, it’s much better for your clothes if you can allow them to dry naturally. The excess heat of the dryer can shrink and damage clothing like nothing else, so although it might take a bit longer, it’ll save you money because you won’t have to buy so many new outfits.

Actually Take Those Dry Clean Only Items to The Dry Cleaners

Yes, it takes more time, and the dry cleaners is so far away from everything, but if you truly love that fabulous garment that makes you look and feel a million dollars, and it says ‘dry clean only’ on the label, suck it up and take it to the dry cleaners. If you do, you could still have it hanging in your wardrobe thirty years from now. Whether you will still be able to fit into it, is another matter entirely, though!

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