#GETGLAMOROUS with Quiz Clothing

In honor of the weekend, I thought I’d share with you all this gorgeous new collection I came across the other day by Quiz Clothing!

For once I have plans all weekend so decided to do some online shopping this week which is when I fell upon Quiz where I discovered the #GETGLAMOROUS rangeĀ featuring Chloe Lloyd. I’m definitely one of those over the top people, I love getting all dolled up it’s probably my favourite part about going out… just for the Instagram photoshoot in my new clothes too ha! When people say to me ‘I’m doing casual dressy’ I instantly panic because I’m either casual or I’m dressy, there’s no in between for me!! Is it jeans and a nice top or is it dress and heels kinda thing?! I never know! I used to feel embarrassed if I had gone over the top at events but my Mam once said to me “Would the girls from TOWIE leave the house like that?” not that I’m saying young women should aspire to be like TOWIE girls but I knew what she meant which was be glam always! (TOWIE representations are a whole other blog post!)

The range is described as bold, confident and feeling your best which I think is quite empowering and actually what women feel like when they’ve manged to find a dress that they love and shows off there figure properly, which believe you me is very hard to find these days with the shocking quality of some online stores are getting away with selling! Since it’s a spring range the collection seems to focus on navy which is going to huge in the next few months which I’m really pleased about since half my wardrobe is navy. I often visit Quiz offline for occasion dresses, in store and find their quality is so much better than other shops, proper lined dresses.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Get Glam range:


blog 1


blog 2


blog 3


blog 4


*This is a collaborative post with Quiz Clothing.

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