Five Changes I’m Happy I’ve Made In 2017

Guess who’s back! Me! I had the most amazing time in Mexico and I couldn’t be anymore gutted to be back to reality, but hey ho. All good things must come to an end as they say. I’m bloody knackered right now, jet lag is not cool. And let’s talk about the fact I stepped off the plane on Wednesday morning at 8am, and was in work by 10am, then stayed awake all day. Zombie is not the word for me. But anyway, less about my holiday as the Mexico Travel Dairy will be live soon – stay tuned!

While I was away, I did a little reflecting, thinking about how much has changed in 2017 so far, and how happy I am in my own little bubble right now. Change is a very scary thing, I appreciate that but this year all the change I’ve been through has been for the better. Everything you do in life should make you happy, life is far too short for it not too. I had a great year last year, don’t get me wrong, but I started 2017 with the focus to improve my life and do better for myself. Fast forward nine months, and here I am. Happier, healthier, and in tune with my life, I really feel like I’ve moderately changed things and it’s worked out really well so far. I thought I’d share this post to hopefully inspire people to not be afraid of perusing what sets your soul on fire. Five things that I’ve changed personally, that I think have made a huge impact on my life this year include:

  1. Getting A New Job

Back in March, I decided it was time for a bit of new scenery, new challenges and a new job role. A comfort zone is a very nice zone to be in for a while, but nobody every grows in a comfort zone, do they? Well, I certainly wasn’t anyway. I had it really good within my old job, and I wasn’t very unhappy as such but I just felt like that was it for me. The role I was in, the tasks I was given was it for me. It wasn’t making me grow within my career or learn anything new. At 21 and not studying at university, I still have a lot of learning to do within the working world and digital marketing. Therefore, I knew my sell-by date was done within the job role and it was time to spread my wings. Doing just that was probably one of the best decisions (and adult decisions) I’ve ever made. I’m so happy within my current job and company, it makes so much difference to your life loving your job and what you do. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities are out there, I was! Six months have gone by since I started working at my current company and I can hand on heart say I’ve learnt so much more than I thought I ever would have. I’m learning new skills into different focuses of digital and search engine optimisation. I have a few new skills to add to my CV now that’s for sure. Do not be afraid to make a career change or take a risk, what have you got to lose?

  1. Taking Up Fashion Blogging

I’ve always wanted to cover fashion on here, I used to lust at other bloggers and their amazing photographs, modelling items of clothes and seeing that they look even better than professional models! It took me so long to pluck up the confidence to just get out there and do it. I was always worried I’d just look like some idiot standing outside of a bare wall or not having the flow in front of the camera as much as I have on the other side of the camera and then there was the panic of who’d even take my photos but it turns out my boyfriend is ace at being my photographer. I’m not saying I look amazing on every image or that it’s easy because it’s not, I have to take about a million images to get the right one, but I do feel really proud to represent fashion brands and more confident than ever in myself. Taking up fashion blogging as opened up so many new doors for me and opportunities within blogging.

  1. Stopped Dreaming and Started Traveling

I’ve traveled a lot this year, I’ve just polished off my third holiday and it’s been unbelievable. It’s been the biggest pleasure using my holidays at work, for actual holidays and not the odd day off here and there. I have a bucket list of places I’d love to go to, so I decided to stop daydreaming, looking at images on Pinterest and start ticking some of the places off that list. My boyfriend has definitely brought out my love to travel so we’ve to Venice, Spain and of course Mexico in 2017. All three were lovely, and a nice break from reality. It’s good to get away and do things, it gives you something to look forward to.

  1. Cutting Negative People Out Of My Life

“It’s not easy to detach people you’ve had close ties with but sometimes it’s necessary in order to restore your sanity. Your mind peace.” This was something I read around the time a ‘friend’ wasn’t being much of a friend. Sometimes you just need to separate yourself from other people’s bullshit to move forward with your own life. It takes a lot of energy to maintain a friendship, but it’s wasted energy when the other person pulls you down instead of lifting you up. Cutting negative people out of my life has taken away drama, stress and unhappiness out of my social circle. Friends are meant to be your biggest fans, not your haters.

  1. Growing A Thick Skin

I’m not a sensitive person, I can take a joke and I can take stick but it does get to me when ‘haters’ are constantly bad mouthing me or have something to say about everything I do. Here’s a kind few words to those people, because I know some will be reading this since they’re so nosey, just get a life. Grow up and concentrate on yourself, not me. I’ve learnt to ignore scary comments, shit ‘banter’ and smart arses thinking they know more about me, than me. The less you say or react, the more annoyed they get. I always think to myself, are these people relevant to me? Do I usually give them a second thought? Nope. See ya! Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

And that’s it. Little changes can make big differences. You should try it!

Outfit Details:

Blouse | Primark

Jeans | Primark

Sandals | Primark

Sunglasses | Ralph Lauren


  • Reply Panty Buns September 23, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    The bright red colour and feminine styling of the Primark blouse you wore in the photos above is beautiful, and I love how it looks styled with the white jeans!
    I love your advice. Congratulations your resolve and on changing your life for the better!

    • Reply Alice September 26, 2017 at 10:12 am

      Thank you so much 🙂

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