Daniel Dasher Shoe Review

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Last week the lovely team at Daniel Footwear sent me over these beauties from their new collection, the Daniel Dasher Black Metalic platform sandal!

I absolutely adore the ranges and brands that Daniel retail, I’m constantly ogling over their site on my lunch at work especially now summer is on its way and we can finally put the ankle boots, knee highs and tights away for another year! That reminds me, must book a pedicure since my toes are finally getting some air… any excuse for a pamper.

If anyone follows me on Instagram you’ll know I’m always out and about every weekend, staying in when you 19 years old really does feel like the end of the world when you lying in bed on a Saturday night bored stiff. I go through a ridiculous amount of dresses although I do try and wear the same outfit twice within a certain amount of time ha! But shoes are different, when your dancing till 4 in the morning every Saturday you kinda have to find a pair of heels that are practical, don’t hurt (too much!), don’t give you blisters and match every outfit… the struggle is real. In winter it’s easy to pull off heel boots with a cute dress but summer is the shoe season I dread because I can no longer get away with cheating the heel pain. However I’ve struck lucky with these babies! I was so surprised at how comfy they actually were, I gave them the real test last weekend and went out in them. They weren’t as bad as expected, RESULT! The platform really does give that extra support for the ball of your foot plus the strap.

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Now on to the aesthetics, I LOVE the glitter detailing it really does give that extra something they remind me of a modern day Dorothy shoes from the Wizard of Oz, mixing the design up a lil’. Although being black the style of the shoe does say spring summer which is perfect this season, plus black goes with everything. These shoes are ticking all the boxes! The heel and the platform feel like a suede but are leather and leather lined, when I opened the box I could smell that straight away. (I love that smell!)

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So yes, these shoes and I are now officially in a loving relationship. Price wise, you get what you pay for, quality! Check out their gorgeous new collection here.

Happy Saturday!


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