Curvy Kate | The White Princess Balcony Bra Review

Last week marked my boob-aversary. Yes that’s right, my boob-aversary, it’s been a whole year since I had my breast enlargement! I can’t quite believe it’s been a year, it’s gone SO fast. A year later, do I still feel the same about my boobs? Am I still in love with my new and improved boobs? YES!ย Getting a breast enlargement was the best decision I’ve ever made in my adult life, it was the first biggie decision I’ve ever made being in my life. Everything I usually do or am about to do, I always ask my Mam what I should do or her thoughts on a situation are which involves me making a decision based on her opinion but when it came to this, my mind was completely made up. Luckily she supported my decision. If you haven’t read about my breast enlargement journey or read why I had the procedure done and you’re interested in finding out my story you can here.

So anyway, if you read my last Curvy Kate bra review (you can read that if you’re late to the partyย here), you’ll have read about the difficulties I’ve had when it’s came to finding a perfectly fitting bra! That was of course, until I discovered Curvy Kate and the wonderful Chantelle aka the boob whisper came into my life, advising me on what size I was! Over the last few months I’ve never had my Curvy Kate bras off my back, literally. I’d like to point out the fact they’ve obviously been washed a few times now and still haven’t lost any quality, colour or shape… I can not recommend Curvy Kate enough.

I was lucky enough to receive an exciting delivery a few weeks ago from Curvy Kate again, super lucky I know! Of which was jam packed full of amazing new pieces from their new ranges. This white Princess Balcony Bra and knicker set was included and I just HAD to share with you how fab it really is!

Lets start with first glance, the look of the bra is just stunning. A very classic design of embroidery made chic for the modern gal. The description of bra on the Curvy Kate site explains the pattern perfectly,ย ‘soft raised polka dots, a little bit of floral, a touch of ribbon and a seriously uplifting shape’. I was drawn to this bra for a few reasons, the shape being one since it’s balcony which makes my boobs look amazing of which I try say without blowing my own trumpet… I mean I’ve gotta’ own the fact I have fake boobs. *rolly eye emoji*. Secondly the fact it wasn’t padded, I’ve mentioned this before, the fact that I do not need padded bras because my boobs are big enough!

Now lets get on to the fit, the most important bit. Just like the other Curvy Kate bras I have, the cup fit is like a glove, in fact it feels like the cup was made for my breast shape… the fit is that good. It’s the right amount of coverage which means there isn’t an over flow of boobie-ness over the top of the cup. The cup even makes my boobs look a little bit more natural. The material although being mesh like is not flimsy or thin due to the sizing and layering of material. The thick straps which are fully and easily, adjustable hold strong without digging in or hurting my shoulders unlike some bras I’ve tried before. The back of the bra is fit to size meaning that the band isn’t too tight but there certainly isn’t any room for it to adjust or get bigger over time. This bra is a 3 hook bra, which I think makes a huge difference support wise because I feel it makes it more stable and structured, plus the band can be slightly bigger width wise resulting in a better back band.ย I also received the matching knickers which are fab, thick and fully lined, completely complimenting the bra and lingerie look.

As always Curvy Kate, you have amazed me with your bra designs and quality! I also want to specially mention a little something about the Curvy Kate bras, and that’s the fact that they all have a label within the bras encouraging you to check your breasts for lumps in partnership with Coppafeel… a great reminder for us ladies.

*This post contains PR samples

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