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intuMetrocentre Gateshead has definitely had a revamp this year bringing us a range of new stores and restaurants to spice up our culture, one being clothing brand Coast which is a new shop to the Platinum Mall. I love Coast, they are a timeless luxury women’s clothing brand which is widely recognized for their fabulous range of occasion dresses so when I was invited down to the opening of their new store I jumped at the chance! I arrived at the store at 9:30am where me and some other lovely North East bloggers were welcomed with a fizzy breakfast which was basically the good old Prosecco, a variety of pastry’s which included ham and cheese croissants (warm too), juices and granola pots. The presentation of it all was fabulous, it was like a mini breakfast bar.


 Let me start off by saying that the staff at Coast could not have been any nicer or anymore welcoming. The minute I stepped through the doors they were friendly, inviting and very helpful. Once I’d had a bite to eat and chatted to other bloggers I started to wonder around the shop. The shop is jam packed full of this seasons must haves yet still roomy i.e you’re able to breath and walk around freely without knocking an item off a clothing off its rail unlike some other clothing stores… As much as I love Primark this is a prime example of a shop that is rammed.

 I started at the front of the store making my way up to the changing rooms and counter. The opening of Coast is big and bold with window doors, therefore anyone walking past can clearly see inside and because of this, the front of the store is like a piece of art. They have a huge table decorated in accessories, sprinkled with dashes of glitz and glam as well as a body mannequin show casing one of the AW collection pieces. Immediately I was drawn to this glitter case clutch bag, it screamed Christmas party vibes to me, I just loved the contrasting colours and the way it sparkled in the light as I imagined it sprucing up every outfit since it’s just as signature piece.

dsc_0937 dsc_0932
 I then delved into the surrounding rails, getting lost in the colours, patterns and materials. There was a part of the collection that was like love at first sight for me and it was the daring deep red roses pieces, this skirt is so dramatic but in a good way I mean and as is the matching skater dress. It’s just beautiful! I think clothing is a reflection of one’s self and it can say so much about a person, I know we say never judge a book by a cover but I really believe you can tell a lot about a person by their clothing. An example of this is like what mood their in, confidence, insecurity as in when I’m hungover I’ll wear a lounge suit or if I’m feeling good about myself or happy I’ll wear something figure hugging or bold colours. I also think colours represent emotions and association, so this red screamed out to me passion, love, sexy.
 Since party season is literally weeks, days away from us I was looking for a Christmas party dress and these beautiful dresses met my specification. Gold is definitely a colour I associate with Christmas, it’s a warm and glowing colour again which reflects the time of year and festivities so when I spotted these dazzling dresses I was sold. The material and work put into these dresses are second to none, I rarely find dresses with this sort of quality these days. I loved the fact that there was a number of similar pieces to these dresses like skirts and different cut styles as this means there really is a piece for all shapes, sizes and preferences!
dsc_0921 dsc_0922 dsc_0957
 I then moved on to the casual clothing that feature in the collection which I honestly thought were just toned done versions of the main pieces, still gorgeous and very glam plus you could easily dress the items up to be dressy casual. I loved this over size deep violet winter coat, it looks so cosy and thick.
 Moving swiftly on I looked over the jewelry, the costume jewelry is very bling but not too much as in it wouldn’t clash with the the ranges but again it presents a statement to me. And that word is how I’d describe Coast’s AW 16 range, statement event clothing. They are all statements within themselves each design is memorable and breath taking!
dsc_0948 dsc_0949 dsc_0959
I had a lovely morning at Coast and would just like to thank all of the staff and the lovely Charlotte for inviting me! I even came away with this amazing goody bag. I’ll be returning to the store very soon!


  • Ami November 26, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    They’ve got some stunning patterns, I especially like the red floral one! Breakfast looked so good too

    Ami x

    • Alice November 26, 2016 at 5:28 pm

      I know very In aren’t they! Thanks 🙂 x

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