Happy Hump Day all! Hope everyone is having a good week and feeling all love-y since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday… I’m certainly feeling the love. I’m also feeling pretty optimistic this week. I’m about to make a big change in my life. One of which is stepping out of my comfort zone, a new start, pushing myself. I’ll go into details in a few weeks when it actually happens I promise but for now, just now I’m making a huge change in my life.

Change is a really good thing, but it’s something I can get anxious about. It’s the unknown of course that scares us all, the not knowing whether you’ll be happy, change is a chance isn’t it. Change is also about stepping out of your comfort zone, a comfort zone is a very nice place to be in but nobody ever grows in a comfort zone do they? 2017 is year of the change for me. I’m on route to making this year MY year… Let’s do this!

Anyway, here’s a cute little OTTD post for you all. I bagged a right bargain on eBay with this gorgeous pink jumper, coming in at only £12.99! I’d actually been eye-ing a similar jumper on a well-known online women’s fashion site for ages in a grey colour and it was like double the price of this one. Just before I bought, I decided to have a browse on eBay and I had success. TIP OF THE DAY: Always search eBay for an item you’re about to by, in some cases it can be a lot cheaper.

Jumper: eBay

Jeans: Primark (similar here)

Boots: Garage Shoe (similar here)

Enjoy the rest of your week, all roads lead to the weekend from now.

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  • Reply Laura February 15, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    I love that jumper! And good luck with your changes! x

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