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At my age, everyone’s either having babies or getting engaged… and then there’s me going to the gym and getting drunk! Least if I get asked to be a bridesmaid I’ll be the skinniest (laughing emoji) With that in mind, House of Fraser have created this list on bad bridesmaid traits and how to avoid them.

We’ve all heard bridezilla horror stories, but the bridesmaids can be just as bad! Here, House of Fraser talks us through some of the worst bridesmaid traits and shows you how you can be the best one ever!

“I’m not wearing that”

Oh, I’m sorry, since when was it your wedding? Every bride looks to her maids for advice when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses, but don’t be the girl who only offers negative comments. Even if you don’t like the dress, if the bride has her heart set on it, you should do what any good bridesmaid would do — grin and bear it!

“Lets book more strippers!”

You’ll naturally want your bride to have the best hen night ever — but that doesn’t necessarily mean booking more strippers! Each bride is different, so you should choose a hen party that will suit her interests. From spa days to paintballing, you don’t have to arrange the one-size-fits-all hen party — unless, of course, that’s what she wants!

“But I don’t know anyone”

Bridesmaid are usually a mixed bag of the bride’s friends, family and work colleagues, so you may find that you don’t know everyone, or even anyone! That doesn’t mean you should shy away from the festivities though. Use it as an opportunity to meet new people. Some great friendships have been formed from the humble bridal party.

“Anyone got a tissue?”

So the bride has spent months, if not years, planning her dream day and you plan on rocking up with the bare essentials in your handbag? No way! Your clutch will be a treasure trove of wedding essentials, including safety pins, confetti, tissues, eyelash glue, hairpins — basically, everything you could possibly need. You may need a bigger bag…

“I can’t make it”

The worst bridesmaids are the girls that agree to be the bride’s right-hand woman, only to never be seen again until the day of the wedding. Flaking out on dress fittings and skipping events is not an option, so make sure you’re 100% committed to the nuptials. If not, it may be better to gratefully decline the request.

“Did you hear what she just said?”

Gossip can test even the strongest of bridal parties, and mutiny in the ranks is a recipe for disaster. Tensions can mount as you try to plan the hen night and co-ordinate surprises for the big day. The best thing you can do in this situation is try to keep the peace. After all, the bride has enough on her plate without wondering who’s arguing with who!

“I’ve got no money”

Weddings are expensive — fact! But didn’t you already know this when you agreed to be bridesmaid? The wisest bridesmaids start putting money aside to cover the hen night, wedding present and other costs as soon as they’re asked to be a part of the wedding. That way, you’ll not be struggling to afford it all closer to the time.

In collaboration with House of Fraser.

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