6 Cool Apps For Fashionistas


Fashion is about so much more than choosing the perfect outfit. It’s about expressing your individuality, experimenting with your artistic side, and feeling good in your own skin. Building the perfect wardrobe takes a little time; you’ve got to find your timeless pieces that you can wear again and again!

It’s also important to think about the environment when you are shopping for your fashion garments. To do so, you can look out for eco-friendly brands, eco-friendly materials, and try shopping vintage. To help you find the perfect looks for you, try using these 6 cool apps for fashionistas.

1 . Depop 

Depop is a huge social marketplace, connecting fashion lovers and buyers from all across the world. Depop is currently one of the trendiest places to buy pre-loved fashion, particularly popular amongst millennials. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy, it’s simple to connect with other buyers on this cute Insta-style app. Depop has a large range of fashion brands, including Adidas, Misguided, Champion, and Vans. You don’t need a huge budget to shop on Depop; here, you’ll find plenty of great deals on barely worn clothing items.

2. Object Limited

Object Limited is a great app to buy beautiful vintage clothes. The application offers users curated pre-loved garments (from some of the most gorgeous wardrobes)! When you shop here, you’ll be going green as well as picking up some excellent deals. Looking for a stunning 60’s style jacket? Or a cute 1920’s dress? Object Limited has all the cool clothes you’ve ever dreamed of! Vintage is the best way to shop if you want to keep your fashion choices eco-friendly.

3. Lookbook

Using the Lookbook app, you can discover new trends and learn how to style clothes. Users share their looks with beautiful photographs, including where each item was purchased (so you can shop for the look). For anyone who needs a little bit of fashion inspiration, Lookbook has got everything you need. You can search for outfit inspiration by tags such as occasion, style, or brand. 

Once you’ve created a Lookbook account, you can share your own looks and build yourself a fashion-loving following. Whether you’re looking for the perfect winter-dress or a chic pair of designer sunglasses, Lookbook has got all the expertise you need to create the right look. For a gorgeous pair of designer sunglasses, you can also check out https://www.eyeglasses.com.

4. Polyvore 

With the Polyvore app, you can create your very own outfits online. It’s just the tool you need to develop your own personal style and share it with a fashion-loving community. Polyvore allows you to connect with others and to shop for your favourite items. Some have referred to Polyvore as Pinterest meets Amazon! With both style inspiration, and opportunities to buy the look, Polyvore is everything you need. Once you’ve given Polyvore a try, you’ll wonder how you managed without it before! To create your fall fashion look, this app is the perfect place.

5. Vinted 

Another favorite for vintage clothing is the Vinted app. Here you’ll find plenty of gorgeous vintage clothing items to snap up. Got some vintage clothes to sell? Simply take a pic or two, write a description, and you’re away! It’s simple to connect with buyers, get paid, and transfer straight to your account. Looking to purchase? You’re sure to find yourself some lovely vintage items at some great prices. There’s also a huge Vinted community where you can chat with like-minded others about all things fashion. The Vinted community are very active, and it can be lovely to get advice about other places to find vintage clothes.

6. Like to Know It

With the Like to Know It app, you can shop for fashion looks that have been created by stylish and influencers from across the world. All of the looks on the ‘Like to Know It’ app are totally shoppable. It’s simple to instantly purchase products from thousands of fashion and beauty stores. First, you download the app and then create your profile. From here, you can search looks and products, including those of your favorite influencers. Once you’ve followed the fashion accounts you look at, it’s simple to make yourself the ideal shoppable feed. With the perfect fashion look, you’ll get yourself noticed online in no time!Hopefully, a few of these nifty apps will help you to create the new look you’ve been searching for. Remember, making mindful purchases is the key to creating less waste and going green. When you create the right fashion look you’ll express your personality and improve your body confidence.

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