5 Things That Have Helped Me Through Lockdown So Far

It’s a funny old time right now, isn’t it? Our everyday lives have changed considerably. It’s scary, it’s overwhelming and the unknown is the worst part. If we had a certain end date for this, it would almost motivate us all to have something to work towards but unfortunately, we don’t. I pray we’re over the peak now and that the rates continue to drop. 

 I feel so grateful that I’m able to stay home and stay safe. I’ve got so much admiration for those key workers still going about their everyday life to keep us safe, to keep us fed, to keep us alive. Thank you to all key workers!

I feel terrible when I say this because there are worse off people in the world right now and I’m one of the lucky ones, but I am struggling with the lockdown. I know I’m not alone either, and really, I just wanted to tell whoever needs to hear this, that it’s ok to be struggling with it. Talking about it is the best way to pick yourself I’ve found and to appreciate how truly lucky I am to be home, and safe. 

I have good and bad days, mainly good but those bad days feel like weeks. Another reason I feel lucky is the fact I’m still working so that element of routine has remained in the midsts of this. It’s really helped me to stay focused and concentrate my energy on something other than the pandemic. 

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I’ve even had a birthday in lockdown, which was believe it or not, was one of the best birthdays I’ve had. Birthday’s always feel a little rushed if you ask me. You always have your day planned down to T but in lockdown, you just go with the flow. I enjoyed every minute of it and everyone around me made it super special. It’s one I really won’t forget and will be one to tell the kids about for sure! 

So, how am I coping? What am I doing to stay sane? How am I filling all this spare time?

Gossip Girl

I really feel like I’ve got the most out of my Netflix subscription these past few weeks. Thank you for giving me the gift of Gossip Girl, lockdown! Before all of this, I was a total GG virgin and now I’m wondering what on earth I spent my teenage years doing and how I missed this craze? Oh the drama, oh the money, oh Chuck Bass! I’m on to season 4 now and what a journey it’s been so far. Little Jenny Humphries, what a lil’ witch you’ve turned out to be. I CAN’T WAIT to find out who Gossip Girl really is. 


At heart, I am one lazy mare. No denying it. I’ve always loved lying around on my arse all day, even as a kid. So don’t get me wrong, I’m loving all these lazy Saturdays! I’m also loving the fact that I’ve not worn anything other than loungewear for 7 weeks now. Femme Luxe got in touch recently to share with me their amazing loungewear range and now I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I still feel so glam in their sets, yet so comfy. Winning. My favourite has got to be this Black Ribbed Loungewear set, it’s so flattering which is something that isn’t usually applicable with loungewear. Typically it’s big, baggy and lots of material, but not with Femme Luxe. I’m tempted to pair this with a pair of wedges when all this is over!

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You guys know by now that I enjoy a run! I promised myself last year after doing my fourth Great North Run, that I’d give myself and my body a break from running in 2020 and focus on other activities. I got a few very painful injuries last year and felt worn out by the time it was all over. However, with no gyms open and wanting to stay in shape I’ve had no choice and now I’ve got my running bug back. I’ve been running 3 x per week! The longest I’ve run in lockdown has been 8 miles which I’m really pleased with, just trying not to carried away with myself and compete each week to go longer and longer because that’s how I sicken myself. So, I’m averaging about 5 miles per week. Really recommend the couch to 5k app for anyone wanting to take up running through this! 


I was a right bookworm when I was younger and in my teens, then I became an adult and my routine has become the following: eat, sleep, work, drink alcohol. I never have time to read a good book and I really should make time to do because I love it! I’ve read two books so far in lockdown, currently reading ‘The Couple Next Door’ which is a real page-turner, can’t put it down. Can anyone recommend any more?

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When I joined Slimming World I really explored my ability to cook and started following recipes. I’ve completely fallen in love with cooking however I’m not a very good baker, but being the chef, yes. Moving out has only made me more adventurous with it too. For Valentines Day, my other half got me the Pinch of Nom book and it’s brilliant. I’ve been using all this time to create extra yummy meals and using the book which has kept me occupied for a few hours each day, because after all what else is there to do right now other than eat nice food and drink? 

How are you all coping in lockdown? How do you feel about the pandemic?

*Gifted loungewear from Femme Luxe.

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