5 Frugal Fashion Tips

I’m all about budget fashion, you probably know that by now since all I bang on about is how good Primark is! I just think with how fast trends come in and out, why should the average gal pay a fortune to look good when we can take advantage of disposable fashion!

We’re now in a generation where we can all be lastminute.com with that party outfit we need for the weekend because we have that wonder of next day delivery these days! AND I’d definitely say catwalk trends make it onto affordable websites much quicker than they ever have. I never really used to be a fan of online shopping but now, with working full time and being a general busy bee, shopping online has became my only option. It’s just so handy and now I feel like I’ve became rather savvy at it. By savvy, I mean frugal. It’s not that I can’t afford to treat myself every now and again, I’d just rather pay as least as I can on an item that will probably end up in the sale in 4 weeks time. So, in aid of my budget buying I thought I’d share my top 5 tips when it comes to buying new clothes. Plus a little OOTD with Ego.

1.Shop Around

Definitely the most important thing to do when your on a shopping spree. 90% of clothing boutique’s retail the same items, or similar items. So an example of when I’ve used this tip is this gorgeous over-sized denim jacket. I’d been lusting over a similar one on PrettyLittleThing which was in the sale for £40, I didn’t impulse buy it because I was on a mission to find a cheaper one and that’s exactly what I did, I found this one in Primark for £20! What a bargain, and it’s virtually the same as the one I’d originally seen! I know Primark isn’t online but this tip doesn’t just apply for online, it can be in shops too.

2. Discount Codes

I use, Boohoo, Lasula, Missguided, Missy Empire quite a lot and 9 times out 10 of time they’ll always be running a promotion to get some sort of discount. If not, I usually google ‘discount codes for _____’ and see what’s running to date. It’s a great way to get a few quid off and always worth a try.

3. Sign Up To Newsletters

Yes, the retailer will probably spam your inbox up but it’s worth signing up to the Newsletters because often you get to know about sales and discount promotions before anyone else and sometimes even exclusively, to members only. Plus most websites give you the option to sign up as a call of action because if you sign up there and then you’ll get a percentage off your order. Ego do that by the way, they give you a WHOOPING 15% off when you sign up to their Newsletter.

4. Sales

The first thing I do when I log on to a website to buy clothes is check the sale stock. I do that with the aim in mind to grab some bargains. The transition between winter and summer isn’t great for sales but after a few weeks into summer they usually throw in some of their most recent summer stock from New In.

5. Ebay

Ebay is so underrated for fashion! Why aren’t we using it more often?! It’s not all unwashed used t-shirts you know?! There’s some great little online boutiques on there that are just starting up who are basically giving the clothes away for rock bottom prices. There are also a few foreign clothing websites on there and yes it might take a few weeks to come but when you’re rocking that dress that’s £50 in Zara and knowing you paid £15 for it, is the best feeling.

Hopefully know you feel like you can start saving with your fashion! Now for the outfit details:

Denium Jacket – Primark

T-shirt – Boohoo

Jeans – Primark

Trainers – Ego 

I’m seriously in love with these trainers, they’re actually Gucci dupes! See what I mean about catwalk trends making it onto fashion retailers quicker than ever now. Just look at those details, I’m a huge fan of embroidery and floral details this summer. Ego is for sure now my fave footwear retailer!!

What are your frugal fashion tips?

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