10 Things I Miss About Being a Teen



“It always involves a wistful memory of times that now seem better or simpler.”

There was a moment last week when I woke up, at 6am, dragging myself out of bed and putting gym clothes on, mentally preparing myself for the gruelling workout I would be doing in half an hour, that I thought about how much simpler life was when I was a teenager.

I went to an all girls secondary school, which at the time, felt like a living hell but as I reflect on what my life was like back then compared to now, it really wasn’t. The days I spent there were probably the best days of my life. Not that I’m saying I hate my life now, but what I mean is that being an adult is SO over rated and bloody hard.

I’m literally such a drama queen, I’m only 21 and I’m already reflecting on my life and what I’ve achieved so far. I guess I’m just on the pursuit of fulfilment in life, to feel like I’ve done things and pondered this world. Life really is bizarre, isn’t it? I think I just like to appreciate moments and events in my life.

Adulthood has only really hit me in the past 2 years when you turn 18 you’re still in that immature mind set aren’t you? Like when I started my first ‘proper job’, I was only an apprentice and still learning about the world so definitely used to have a care-free ‘yolo’ attitude to EVERYTHING. I do think I’m probably a lot more mature than some people my age through my job, I’ve done an awful lot of growing up recently and my prioritises have completely changed.

In that moment I had, I thought about the things I missed about being a teenager and did let out a little giggle at the thought of the mischievous things I used to get up to. So I thought I better share them, to give you lot a laugh and to spark a thought about what you miss about being a teen!

  1. Having a Saturday Job

And turning up every Saturday without fail stinking of alcohol with the worst hangover known to man. I used to work in Asda, I basically gave the public testers and free stuff. That job taught me how to use a slow cooker actually, as one Saturday they asked me to slow cook a joint of beef and then give it out for people to try. It took the whole 6 hours of my shift to cook and it was still raw. Never mind. At the time, I HATED working every Saturday but there was no better feeling than finishing at 3 and getting back on the lash! The money was great too. I used to think I was a right grafter because I worked one day a week for 6 hours, and look at me now. 39 working hours a week, eurgh.

  1. Going Out All Weekend

Friday, Saturday and most definitely a Sunday if the match was on. Not that I even like Football, in the slightest. Any excuse was an excuse for a drink! AND staying out until 5am and if you didn’t, you let your whole squad down. I honestly don’t know how I used to do it. The longest I manage these days, which is very rare, is 2am. And even then I’m left with humongous regrets and disappointment in myself thinking “you should have known better”.

  1. When £20 Used To Last You All Night

Remember getting that smashed at pres before you’d even gone out that you didn’t have to buy a drink while you were out? That £20 I used to take out lasted all night, only actually paying for my taxi home. Those were the days, I’m lucky if a round these days is £20.

  1. Learning to Drive

Because your driving instructor was your therapist. I remember a Monday afternoon driving lesson was always focused around what embarrassing moments had occurred at the weekend and whether I was back with my ex again. He always had great advice and a very laid back approach to my life dramas which always calmed my mood, reminding me that nothing is ever really as bad as it seems. The bus wasn’t that bad either, it was the only time you could ever pretend to be in a music video as you listened to your fave song and looked out the window.

  1. Living off Super Noodles and Uncle Bens Snack Potts

Calories didn’t count when I was a teenager apparently, every lunch time was spent buried in a bowl of Noodles at school. I bloody love Chicken Super Noodles! I actually thought they were good for you. Not caring about my weight. I mean I cared, but it was the least thing I cared about ever, ever. Give me a pick n mix over an apple any day of the week back then and I wouldn’t have even battered an eyelid or give it a second thought. FOOD WAS ALWAYS LIFE. 

  1. Sixth Form

I really miss Sixth Form. Like I mentioned earlier, it felt like the worst place in the world at the time but I severely miss not having to put makeup on every day, being able to get away with not brushing my hair and shoving a bun in.  My skin was blemish free back then. I miss seeing my best friends every day too, the worst heartbreak in the world is not being able to gossip every morning and only seeing each other one in a blue moon because one has a baby and one’s a police officer now, like WTF!!!

  1. Being Done For The Day at 3PM

You really realise when you start working full time how much you’ve taken 3pm finishes for granted. Now I realise that finishing at 3pm was like a half day in adult life.

  1. It Being Acceptable to Lie In Bed All Day

And stay in your PJs and not wash. I miss that so much. Now, if my Mam catches me in bed for more than 2 hours I usually get shouted at or asked to clean my room or worse, asked if I’ve got anything better to be doing. I remember I used to lie in bed all day and watch re-runs of Come Dine With Me and CSI. Wow, the life.

  1. The Bank of Mam

And not paying for anything. Remember going shopping and coming back with a £100’s worth of new clothes because your Mam or Dad treated you?! Or going out for a meal and not hesitating on what to pick because your parents were paying? Oh, how the roles have changed, not that I begrudge paying for my Mam now, she deserves every penny the absolute babe, bringing me up single handly and spending all her money on me.

  1. The Six Weeks Holidays

Not having to put a holiday in every time you want time off. Breaks my heart that I don’t get the FULL summer off now and have a LIMIT to my holidays and day off. Without a doubt the worse part of being an adult and having a job.

What do you miss about your teens?

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  • Reply Dora August 16, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    I agree! I miss “being done for the day at 3 pm”, too. It seemed I had a lot more time during the days than I have now!

    • Reply Alice August 17, 2017 at 8:11 am

      What I’d do to finish at 3pm every day again! Haha!

  • Reply Chloe - New Girl in Toon August 16, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    HA! This post really made me chuckle Alice! I was nodding along, isn’t it funny when you just don’t appreciate these things at the time, you’re desperate to grow up but really it’s far better to be a teenager!

    • Reply Alice August 17, 2017 at 8:10 am

      Haha, pleased you enjoyed it! If only we could turn back time!! I was desperate to be older and now, as I put my bins out this morning, I’m like why did I want this? Haha!! x

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