WhiteWash Laboratories | Nano Intensive Whitening Kit Review

Teeth have always been a big deal to me. A big deal since I had really goofy teeth growing up, I think it might have something to do with my childhood obsession with dummies. That sounds like I was one of those kids that had a dummy till they were 12, well no, I don’t mean that sort of obsession. I mean I used to hide them, you see I was a sneaky little child. I used to put my best puppy dog eyes on when my Mam used to ask me to sacrifice them to Santa! I never did and always had a stash somewhere! Or perhaps my goofy teeth came from eating sugary sweets on my way home from school when I was younger. Guilty!

When I turned thirteen and attending an all-girls secondary school, I sharply realised I’d need my teeth sorting since comments about my two front teeth had already been circulating my year group. My Mam saw how unhappy I was and luckily from being aged 10 I’d been on a waiting list for a brace, therefore, got one before the bullying began, thankfully I could laugh about my goofy look. I loved having a brace, no one else had one in my year at the time so it made me unique! I used to get coloured bands on them and my first ever boyfriend used to call me ‘rainbow girl’ how romantic. They fixed my teeth almost straight away, I think I only had them on for around a year. I miss them to this day! I appreciate some people have horrendous experiences with braces and teeth, but was overall it was a fast and easy process for me.

I really make an effort to look after my teeth, more so after the brace. When I first got the brace off I felt like a beauty queen. It’s amazing how much your smile can change your face and overall appearance! I’m always on the hunt for the best toothbrushes, toothpaste and teeth whiteners as you’ve probably guessed from past posts on here. Everyone wants sparkly white teeth, right?! I’ve tried oil pulling more recently and yes it worked just it’s not a fast or instant process. Recently, I was contacted by the lovely team at WhiteWash Laboratories to try their latest innovation, the Nano Intensive Whitening Kit.

WhiteWash are a local company here in the North East based in Billingham. They’ve created game-changing teeth whitening and oral care products and not forgetting their award-winning range, Nano. All their products have been developed and formulated by leading UK dentists. When reading up on the company, what really warmed my cockles was reading that for every product that they sell, they donate a toothbrush to a child in need through a campaign they’ve created ‘Brush For A Brush’. How lovely! You don’t get companies like this anymore, do you?

So, I gave the kit a go and thought I’d share my findings! First things first, it’s amazing. I love the packaging and branding, it’s very luxurious and sleek isn’t it? The kit has been clinically tested plus, proven to be safe and has a safe effect on your teeth, that’s something always worth researching when you’re looking into buying a teeth whitener as you do often hear about horror stories when it comes to bleaching your teeth! On average, they claim it can whiten teeth by 3.6 shades after just ONE application. At first, I was like, yeah right but after trying it, I can confirm even after the first application there was a noticeable difference in the shade of my teeth. The kit includes:

  • 28 Intensive Whitening Strips (14 sets of 2)
  • 2 Intensive Whitening Gel Syringes
  • 2 Boil & Bite Trays (1 upper and 1 lower)
  • Instruction leaflet

Let’s start with the strips, through active whitening ingredients, the company claim it helps you to achieve not only a whiter smile but a healthy smile. They’re mint flavoured, therefore taste really pleasant, not overpowering as I sometimes find with other branded strips. I used these on a night before bed as I had more time to use them, since they advise you keep the strips applied for 60 minutes. They definitely made a difference, visibly, straight away I saw a difference! I would personally buy these by themselves! These are probably the easiest product to use in the kit.

The Nano Intensive Whitening Gel used with 2 bite trays and is probably the more trickery part of the kit, I say tricky, but it’s just the most work, the kit is really easy to use. Within the instruction leaflet, it informs you how to mould the bit trays properly to your teeth to get the best results with warm water. What’s nice is the fact there’s a tutorial by the company on how to use the bite trays, it came in handy for me! Again, same as the strips, the gel is a mint flavour and has nice enough taste to it. When used with the whitening strips, the company claims it can also brighten your teeth by up to 7 shades in 5 days. I did, as instructed and can confirm when used together, my teeth were so much whiter! I left on for 35 minutes and was really impressed by the immediate change and then developing change over the week.

Now, I’m left with a dazzling, Hollywood smile and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve even had a few comments from friends and family at how white my teeth are now. I’m really grateful to have discovered WhiteWash and their ranges. It’s a brand I’ll continue to use! The kit comes in at a bargain price of £39.99! Value for money is insane! I’d definitely recommend!

Do you use a teeth whitener?


  • Reply Laura | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Blog October 8, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    This looks amazing, I’m a massive fan of teeth whitening I’m going to give it a whirl

    • Reply Alice October 9, 2017 at 8:51 am

      You really should! I loved it!

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